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Andreevna Yakuncheva
born in 1986 •
artist, collector
Biography and information
Yakuncheva Margarita, Artist
Krasnodar city

Currently I work in mixed media art.
In this technique, using liquid materials (ink, ink, acrylic) and using the air flow, I create a composition, tracking the depth and movement of paint.

All the attention is directed to abstract art. It was a real dive into pointless. Knowledge of the perception of shape, texture and color.
The main emphasis in my works is a combination of textures, a mixture of styles and work with color.

Art for me is the personification of life energy. With energy penetrating into the space where the deepest emotional layers are located, awakening the inner light.
This is the integrity of my feelings, emotions and impressions.
In my works, I express the unconscious and conscious, the past and the present. A force that acts outside the rational and approaches the infinite. To know the height and depth beyond the understanding or vision of beauty that can never be expressed in words.

I give the viewer a space for imagination. Opportunity to be at the same level with the creator, live emotions and feelings, contemplating the picture.
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Margarita Andreevna Yakuncheva. Deep blue. Diptych
10,000.00 ₽
Deep blue. Diptych
Margarita Andreevna Yakuncheva
2018, 50×50 cm
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    Margarita Andreevna Yakuncheva. The form
    10,000.00 ₽
    Margarita Andreevna Yakuncheva. Deep blue. Diptych
    10,000.00 ₽
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