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Aliya Almasovna Kahramanova
 Almasovna Kahramanova
Voronezh born in AD artist
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«Желаю жизненного кайфа ВАМ»
Biography and information
Was conceived in the sweat and passion of the wedding night. I was born happy in 1982, because I didn’t know what fate had prepared for me. She studied not willingly but diligently. She entered the law on the second attempt, because she dreamed of studying and a fashion designer’s career but could not resist the strict Caucasian upbringing in the family. She rebelled as she could, deliberately blocked the entrance exam to the institute. To this day, I am grateful to my parents for their rigidity then back in 2000. That would not "spoiled" student life, parents insisted on marriage … agreed). She left home with whom she really wanted to marry). Announced on the wanted list). Lived a long (ten years) passionate, fun, but very difficult family life. He worked a lot in different ways, and then opened his own law firm with risk. At different periods, she had offices in different cities, she traveled between cities for about 5 years. In general, more than 10 years I work as a LAWYER and have my own business, from which I am happy. Then I experienced two tragedies, the last of which divided my life into "BEFORE" and "AFTER". Sorry to write about it, so I won’t tell you that there is a lot). Briefly about myself: I love Vysotsky Volodya, Rosenbaum, Shimyakin, horse riding, Painting, sewing clothes and soma to model her, Appear in court hearings.
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About me
Я ЮРИСТ, БизнесВУМЕН более 10 лет. Художественным искусством занялась 3 года назад, хотя живописью занимаюсь всю сознательную жизнь. Сейчас учусь учусь и учусь как дедушка Ленин завещал). Работаю углем и маслом, иногда карандаш. Работаю ночью, на выходных, в любое свободное время от основной любимой работы, и еще в перерыве между моделированием и шитьем одежды. Люблю жизнь и все чем занимаюсь.

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