Almasovna Kahramanova

Russia • Voronezh • artist

Biography and information

Was conceived in the sweat and passion of the wedding night. I was born happy in 1982, because I didn’t know what fate had prepared for me. She studied not willingly but diligently. She entered the law on the second attempt, because she dreamed of studying and a fashion designer’s career but could not resist the strict Caucasian upbringing in the family. She rebelled as she could, deliberately blocked the entrance exam to the institute. To this day, I am grateful to my parents for their rigidity then back in 2000. That would not "spoiled" student life, parents insisted on marriage ... agreed). She left home with whom she really wanted to marry). Announced on the wanted list). Lived a long (ten years) passionate, fun, but very difficult family life. He worked a lot in different ways, and then opened his own law firm with risk. At different periods, she had offices in different cities, she traveled between cities for about 5 years. In general, more than 10 years I work as a LAWYER and have my own business, from which I am happy. Then I experienced two tragedies, the last of which divided my life into "BEFORE" and "AFTER" .. Sorry to write about it, so I won’t tell you that there is a lot). Briefly about myself: I love Vysotsky Volodya, Rosenbaum, Shimyakin, horse riding, Painting, sewing clothes and soma to model her, Appear in court hearings.