Alekseevna Sizova

Russia • Saint Petersburg • born in 2021 • artist
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Biography and information

Elena Alekseevna Sizova was born in St. Petersburg. After graduating from high school she entered the Art and Graphic Teaching School № 2 (LHSPU № 2).

Its teachers - Olyalina Galina Alekseevna, Sobol Leonid Semenovich, Bublikova Marina Nikolaevna, Ermakova Olga Nikolaevna. Much attention in the training was paid to different kinds of graphics, watercolors, sculpture, oil painting, drawing, they worked in the technique of etching.

After art school, she completed a full course of study at the Russian Museum of Traditional Culture in St. Petersburg - qualification painter in painting porcelain products.

For a long time she worked as a decorator. She was engaged in creativity - wrote paintings, was fond of painting lacquer miniatures. Then began to teach painting in the art school for children and adults.

He is a member of the Society of Free Artists of St. Petersburg. Periodically participates in exhibitions of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.

She has held several solo exhibitions in the Leningrad region. Her works are in private collections in Russia, near and far abroad, as well as in Sweden, Lithuania and Germany.

Every year Elena Sizova's works take part in charity projects "Children to handicapped children" in the framework of the district festival of Orthodox culture. Money from the sales of works go to the needs of children with disabilities. There are acknowledgements for participation in these projects.

In his work he uses different techniques such as watercolor, oil, gouache, tempera, pastel, acrylics, colored pencils, charcoal, sanguine, sepia, ballpoint pen. His favorite genres of painting and drawing are portrait, still life and landscape. Works in the style of realism, impressionism, expressionism.