Germany • 1450−1491

Biography and information

German artist Martin Schongauer (1435/1440, Colmar – 1491, Baden, Breisach) known as a painter, printmaker and draftsman of the Early Renaissance. This is the first significant master of Germany, with certainty who owned the cutter, as evidenced by the work of an artist who knew how to overcome any technical difficulties and to clearly convey your noble, heartfelt and often majestic songs. In the works of Martin Schongauer – religious subjects, animals, designs, genre scenes, etc.
Names of famous paintings by Martin Schongauer:
• "Madonna in the arbour of roses";
• "The Holy family";
• "Portrait of a young woman" and others.
The master was one of the first who began to write the names of the paintings and to sign their works (monogram with Crescent and cross).
Pictures and the names of the paintings and other works of Schongauer in the pages of the portal Archiv.