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Gennadievich Borisov

born in 1995 •
artist, collector
Ilya Gennadevich Borisov

Born on December 27 (December) 1995 in the city of Shakhty, Rostov Region, in a working class family.
Mother, Plotnikova Lyudmila Viktorovna (born 03.08.1969) is a sewing production technologist.
Father, Borisov Gennady Alexandrovich (04/01/1973 - 07/22/2005) - a plumber.


School number 17. 9 classes, release date 06/17/2011 ShRKTE (Shakhty Regional College of Energy Fuel) named. Ak. Stepanova P.I. from 2012 to 2016, specialty: "Technical operation and maintenance of electrical and electromechanical equipment (by industry)." Faculty: Mining and Mechanical Profession: Underground electrician 3r. Education "Secondary vocational. Full-time education.

Labor activity

SHEMZ LLC (Shakhty Electromechanical Plant) from 2016 to 2017
JSC "ShZG" (Shakhty Hydraulic Drive Plant) from 12.09. 2017 to the present.

Art activity

The main artistic activity began in 2013. Then the author was engaged only in black and white graphics and illustrations.
The debut work “Children of the Unborn” (10.28.16) was done with a black gel pen on thick A3 sheet paper. Then, the series "Images of Tartaria" was opened.

The technique of performing tempera and acrylic began to be mastered only in mid-2017.
Mainly engaged in painting on the themes of mythology, history, religion, esotericism, cosmogony ...

Ator of works
"Children of the Unborn" (10.28.16) and "Children of the Unborn" (12.03.19). The works are made in a hybrid style of icon painting with a classic. The plot of the paintings is based on the cosmogonic concepts of the ancient peoples of Tartaria (Scythians, Russia, Chud, Erzya, Mughal, etc.), as well as on the combination of historical, cultural and mythological lines of these peoples.
In many aspects of his works, he shows an alternative version of history, of which he is the ideologue.

As an example, the work “Phenomenon of Angé. Adoption of the Crystal of Silicon Life” (08/04/2019), which shows an alternative version of the Erzyan mythological plot.
This work opens the series "Silicon Era"
There is also an open series of "Red Civilization"

Since June 10, 1919, it has been part of the community of independent researchers, the Internet resource



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