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Valya Aseeva
born in 1970 artist
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Vladimir Evgrafovich Tatlin
Portrait of a woman
Bathing women
The artist's model
Mikhail Larionov
Province Street
Portrait of the poet Velimir Khlebnikov
Girl at the hairdresser (Lady Hairdresser)
Bather. Illustration from lithographed book by A. Kruchenykh "Lipstick"
Street noise (Cityscape). Illustration for the book “Mirskonets” by A. Kruchenykh and V. Khlebnikov
Petr Petrovich Konchalovsky
Natasha on a chair
Still life with red tray
Family portrait (Siena)
Portrait of artist Vladimir Rozhdestvensky
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Alexander Mikhailovich Rodchenko
Disc and cover
Biased composition
White circle
Natalia Goncharova
Angels and airplanes. From the series "Mystical images of war"
The Spanish flu
In the artist's Studio
Bathing horses
Valya Aseeva
subscribed to the artist
El Lissitzky
El Lissitzky
Abstraction in pink
Tatlin at work
The study
Three dimensions
Geometric abstraction
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