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Antonovna Chubenko

Belarus • Minsk • born in 1994 • artist
Born in 1994 in the family of a teacher and clergyman.
The youngest child in the family, the only daughter. I did not attend kindergarten, I was in the care of my grandmother, because my parents worked. Leisure time, according to the memories of the mother, loved to spend drawing.
In the first class went in 2001. Frequent travels slightly spoiled the overall picture of the family and the world. She was an excellent student in drawing, labor and geography. I always dreamed of going to art school, but the financial situation of the family did not allow it.
Until 2011, she actively participated in school exhibitions, one of them - the district one. But soon she stopped drawing, because the too harsh criticism from the school principal hurt not only in style, but also in taste.
In 2012, she graduated from school and was not able to do it, because the difficult financial situation forced her to go to work, first by the seller, then by field farmers. In 2013, she started working as an assistant chef, tried to enroll in the medical room, but did not score 0.2 points.
She moved to Minsk and tripled as a cook in kindergarten. But there was no work due to a conflict with the chef. She went to work as a nanny in a nearby kindergarten (this is a separate story). Then she met her future husband and in May 2014 she left Belarus.
In Russia in the summer of 2014 married. In the circumstances this fall I returned home. Bore two children.
In 2017, I risked to take a brush and try to overcome the fears of the past. So my artistic path continued.
Now I create my own drawing style. Being on maternity leave, I am engaged in the self-development of creative potential and teach this to children.
I am the great-granddaughter of the doctor of agricultural sciences Kozlovsky Anton Ignatievich (1899-1972)

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