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Johann Friedrich Overbeck
Johann Friedrich
Creative work is something personal, even intimate. However, in art history, there were quite a number of instances when artists did not only work in co-operation, but lived side by side. Arthive will give an overview of some European art colonies where painters and sculptors admired beautiful landscapes, drank, debated, and in the meantime, created masterpieces, styles, and artistic movements.

Svetlana Klivanskaya
Svetlana Klivanskaya
, 29 August 2017 07:46 PM 3
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Настолько богатая интересными фактами ( и при всем этом ,,,ещё и наполнена иллюстрациями!) публикация,что ,забираю её себе - для повторног наслажденичя ! СПАСИБО !
Evgeniya Khapalova
, 31 August 2017 09:02 PM 2
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Как я мало знаю. Благодарю за интересную, простую и доступным языком написана, а картины подтверждают и закрепляют прочитанное. Ещё раз спасибо.
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Johann Friedrich Overbeck. Self-portrait
Johann Friedrich Overbeck
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Johann Friedrich Overbeck. Easter Morning
Johann Friedrich Overbeck. Joseph, sold by his brothers into slavery (House Bartholdy in Rome)
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Johann Friedrich Overbeck. The betrothal of Mary and Joseph
Johann Friedrich Overbeck. Saint Sebastian
Johann Friedrich Overbeck. The adoration of the Magi
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