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diverse people

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Nikolay Feshin. Portrait Glendora Rollins.
Portrait Glendora Rollins.
Nikolay Feshin
1952, 61×50.8 cm
Nikolay Feshin. Mrs Fechin with her daughter.
Mrs Fechin with her daughter.
Nikolay Feshin
1925, 88.1×80.6 cm
Nikolay Feshin. Portrait Of Katya
Portrait Of Katya
Nikolay Feshin
1912, 57×53 cm
Oskar Kokoschka. Egon Velles
Egon Velles
Oskar Kokoschka
1911, 75×68 cm
Haim Solomonovich Soutine. Eva
Haim Solomonovich Soutine
1928, 65×54 cm
Haim Solomonovich Soutine. Boy-chorister
Haim Solomonovich Soutine
1927, 43×26.6 cm


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