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Matveyevna Gromyko

Short biography of TM Gromyko

Born on 09/21. 1948 in the city of Tulun, Irkutsk region.
1966-1967 - study at the Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute.
1967-1971- study at the Irkutsk Art School
1971.- She graduated from the Irkutsk School of Arts, decorative design department.
1971–1979 - Work in the architectural and art workshop with the main artist of the city (VG Smagin).
1976 - 1979 - work as an artist and art editor at the East Siberian Book Publishing House.
She designed about 10 books: “In the meadow they graze to ...” Y. Chernykh, “Taiga karaulshchiki” V. Shugaev, “I work as a wizard” V. Carriers, “And here is the dragonfly” by S. Volkov, “Mamadai” by G. Baynyakshin and others
1979-2003 - teacher of all major disciplines at the Irkutsk Regional Art School (almost 25 years old, 14th highest pedagogical level. Made more than 5 graduate studies (good and excellent level according to the commission estimates).
On the basis of the school, she created and implemented the author's project Art Theater SLAVYANKA (1995) - a music and theatrical stage show of the modern folk costume (in the style of "Russian design"). Performances of the Art Theater in Sibexpocenter, Academgorodok, IoHM im.Sukacheva, BaikalBusiness Center, etc. (About 50 performances).
In 2003, as a director, she organized a creative team (18 people) and traveled around the cities of China at their invitation (at the expense of the Chinese side) with a concert program.
1983 - study at FPK in Moscow.
1992 - study at the FPK in Moscow (Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture).
1992-1994 - lived and worked in Moscow at the invitation (painting on porcelain in the technique of "Gzhel", teaching).
Member of the USSR Union of Artists since 1979 (youth association).
Member of the Union of Artists of Russia 1995.
Member of the Union of Designers of Russia 1998.
Works are in the Irkutsk Regional Museum, in galleries and exhibition halls of cities of the Irkutsk region (Bratsk, Sayansk, Cheremkhovo), in private collections of Belarus, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, China, Russia.
From 1971 to 2012 she participated in more than 150 various exhibitions (youth, city, regional, zonal, all-union, international, etc.)
More than 30 exhibitions - personal.
In 1999 she created 25 posters for the anti-drug program "For a sober healthy life without drugs." With them I participated in 15 different exhibitions, promotions and events in the city and region.
1998 1st place in the nomination "Folk Costume" in Ryazan at the conference of art schools in Russia.
2003 Participation in the contest "Miss Russia" in Moscow. Miss Irkutsk was in my Zimushka costume: 5th place out of 80 participants.
2009-2011 She won a grant for the development and implementation of the creative project “My Love - Russia! Personal exhibition, cultural and educational program in 8 cities of the Irkutsk region: Irkutsk. Usolye-Siberian. Cheremkhovo. Bratsk. Nizhneudinsk. Tulun. Winter. Zalari
Member of the Russian Humanist Society.
Member of the Russian Philosophical Society.
Co-founder of the public organization "Moral Spiritual Association CREATION". The purpose of the organization and the theme of the annual (since 2001) scientific-practical conferences held is “Building a Human (Moral) Society”. Irkutsk - Moscow (speeches, articles, reports).
2012 - participation in the 6RFC as part of the Free Philosophy group.
2001 - April 2018 - Participation in the studies of the School of Wisdom Yu.L. Dyubenka, and in the Irkutsk conferences Creation of a human society.
2014 - an exhibition in the library. I.I. Molchanov-Siberian "The tree of life - the path to quite a man."
11 - 22. 08.2014 participation in the Free Philosophy group in the First Settlement is quite human on Baikal.
2014 - 2017 - the philosophical and educational project of a traveling exhibition with philosophical conversations (together with her husband, philosopher Yu.L.

October 2015 - participation in 7 RFK, as part of the Free Philosophy group.
16.09. - 04.10. 2015 - participation in the exhibition exhibition of Mikhail Shemyakin "Calligraphy and text, as an image in art", Novosibirsk.
An active participant in the movement for the physical and spiritual health of man and society "Union of the struggle for national sobriety." Member of Russian environmental and human rights organizations, actions and events "In Defense of Baikal". Human rights activist.

 Poem TM Gromyko

"The brush dances across the canvas frantically and defiantly
Striving to instill sounds in the void of the orchestra
Then strong and passionate
That is sad and tender
Sad and thin
And dark and ringing
The palette of these sounds
It has all the shades.
From the strong and formidable
To weak and sad
That music is from color
The captivating lines
Brushstroke harmonies
Merging of the omnipotent and the brevity of the moment
divine music
Doubts of suffering
Victory glee
And the miracle of magic
Let it be eternal sounds
And the brush in the hands of the artist
And let all of humanity understand
What carelessness
In the whole universe, in eternity
Beauty will die.


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