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born in 1994 •
Biography and information
Born December 20, 1994 in Kherson.
2010-2012 - graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum
2012-2017 year - graduated from Kherson National Technical University, with a specialization in graphic design.
Works in a mixed technique in the style of transavangard.

I am sure that from the very beginning of the appearance of homosapiens, people were attracted to heavenly space, because tearing it, we hope to find the answer to the fundamental question - where did we come from? Human interest in Chaos and Order arose in proportion to the interest in the creation of the Universe. The first concept, Chaos, can and gives a clearer explanation to this question. And all this is interesting, but the schematic images can only surprise by the scale of the discoveries, but to experience the full power of nature and the Universe, art will help here more than ever.
Many people know that art, in all its manifestations, is an act of the creation of life. In this context, the subjective perception of the phases of transition from Chaos to Order, through the prism of understanding, will help to feel the full power of randomness in time and space. The art here shows that there is a journey through time and space, values and even understanding, and painting is the most that you don’t eat.
The exhibition “Chaos and Order”, with its flowers, techniques, shows the trace of life itself, which can leave not only man and time, but also nature itself, of which it is a part. Thus, as an artist, I will help the audience to see and feel the depth of their feelings, and I hope to give an impetus to a better understanding of not only the Universe, but also myself.
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Styles of art
Art forms

  • Творческая резиденция Чорнянка-FUTURUM, н. Каховка
    2017 year
  • "WORKSHOP", пространство ART-ЦЕХ, Херсон
    2017 year
  • - Выставка ко дню города Херсона
    2017 year
  • Персональная "В самое сердце" LuncaBar, Херсон
    2018 year
  • "Хаос и Порядок" ("Живые чувства") зал. "Арт-пространство-GALLER
    2019 year
  • Персональная "Хаос и Порядок" городское пространство "ART-MASSON
    2019 year
  • 58-я биеннале современного искусства, Венеция
    2019 year