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Gennadievich Skachkov


Sergey G. Skachkov
Born on May 9, 1959 in the town of Belaya Kalitva, Rostov Region.
Grandfather Selivanov Dmitry (1905-1943) professional artist, graphic artist, died during the Second World War at Stalingrad.
In the 1960s, at the age of one year, he and his parents moved to the city of Ramenskoye, Moscow Region, for the distribution of his father, Gennady Ivanovich, to work at the RPKB at the end of the MAI.
In 1971 entered the painting studio of the House of Folk Art at the House of Culture of Vorovskoy in the city of Ramenskoye in the studio under the guidance of Honored Artist of Russia Panteleev VI (1925-2001), where he studied for three years. Participated in school, city and factory exhibitions, where the parents worked. Received prizes for graphic drawings.
From 1977-1979 serving in the army in the TsGV as a staff artist-designer. The main task was the design of visual agitation, stands and art panels for the holidays. I did sports. He played in the national team in sambo and won prizes, has award diplomas from the leadership of the unit.
After the army, he was preparing to enter the Surikov Art Institute, but for some reasons the enrollment did not take place.
Higher education - Moscow Sovtorg Institute (1980-1986). As an economist, he did not work. In the same year, 1986 joined a group of famous Sofrinsky artists - icon painters (A. Chashkin, Y. Cherkasov and V. Gertsovsky). He studied the technique of icon painting, the restoration of icons and the basics of monumental painting. Performed work on the order of the Sofrino plant. He worked from 1986-1988 in the workshop for the restoration of icons and making copies of ancient Russian icons for the international exhibition under the guidance of the monumentalist artist V. Gertsovsky.
Since 1987 participated in the restoration of frescoes, monumental painting in the temple of Fyodor Stratelates at the Antioch Podvoriya on Chistye Prudy, Telegraphny per.
He worked and studied in Stockholm (Sweden) in icon painting and painting restoration from 1988-1992. at the invitation of private galleries.
Worked from 1994 to 2000 in the MBA (Inter-Sectoral Foreign Economic Association) as a project manager for the reconstruction and restoration of architectural monuments in Moscow, Yauzsky Boulevard, 1-3.
Beginning of creative activity in 1997, as an easel painter. At the same time he managed construction projects for country cottages, creating individual design projects and homestead landscape design.
Since 2010, joining the Creative Union of Artists of the Moscow Region under the leadership of Honored Artist of Russia A. Beglov.
The first solo exhibition of icon painting at the Bar in Stockholm (Sweden) 1991 - Russian icon.
Participant of the international exhibition in India (Delhi) Russian Culture in 1995
The first solo exhibition of paintings and watercolors in 2012 International Art Fund.
The second personal exhibition of painting in the Country Park Business Center in 2012. and there is the third solo exhibition of watercolors in 2015.
In 2014 personal exhibition of painting d.k. Homeland Khimki. In 2015 regional and city (g.O. Khimki) exhibitions in the Union of Artists of the Moscow region (led by A. Beglov.)
In 2015, a personal exhibition of paintings and watercolors in the Art Gallery MOST.
In 2015 December personal exhibition of paintings in the Central House of Artists Moscow, Krimsky Val.
In 2016 personal exhibition of paintings in GAZPROM st. Nametkina 18
In 2017 personal exhibition of painting in the State Medical Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.
The second personal exhibition in GAZPROM in 2018
Participation in annual collective exhibitions in the Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val and in private galleries and other exhibitions in Moscow and Moscow region
In 2018 exhibition of the works of the Fearst Gallery, Firsanovka. Khimki branch of the Union of Artists.
In 2018 collective exhibition of watercolors “Apple Orchard” festival, Shodnya, Moscow region
Extended Anniversary Exhibition of Painting in the Palace of Culture Rodina in 2019

Sergey Skachkov is:
Member Int. Hood Foundation, Member Int. Feder. Aquarellists, Member of Creative. Union Art. Of Russia, Member of the Union of Artists of the Moscow Region
Many paintings are in the halls of government agencies, ministries and private collections in Russia and abroad.
He currently lives and works in Khimki, Moscow Region. Tel mob. 8 916 3338878 Instagram #skachkovarts


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