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born in 1983
Biography and information
Zhanna Anatolyevna Sinitsyna was born in an ordinary family and from childhood did not show interest in anything that was somehow connected with art: neither to exhibitions, nor to museums, nor even to theaters. School lessons from the Fine Arts, which could cause at least some emotions in other children, did not inspire her and brought only boredom, were a 45-minute “period for serving” of necessity. But the feeling of the incredible animation of the world around did not leave the girl since childhood, and I always wanted to share this, to tell everyone. Each time, sitting by the sea, the river, the baby looked intently at the splashing waves: "The water is very alive," thought Jeanne, "and breathes and flows, as if whispering something to pebbles, which means that the soul lives in it, like in everything around, and this is a water mirror, like eyes, so vigorous and life-loving. " As they grew older, these sensations became clearer, Joan began to feel that every bit of the world around us had life, began to pick up its vibrations, “see” how all space lives, “breathes”, moves and feels with it.
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