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Petrovich Chernov
Biography and information
Born in Engels, Saratov Region in 1941. He began to paint from the first grade. After the tenth grade, he entered the Saratov Art School. He finished the first course and was drafted into the ranks of the Soviet army. After finishing the service, he first graduated from the Polytechnic Institute, and after a while the Moscow Polygraphic Institute, the faculty of book graphics. Created wooden puppet theater. Favorite painting theme is theater. Wrote the book "Arena". The book is about the formation of living organisms. Awarded the gold medal of the Academy of Folk Art of Russia. Full member of the Academy of Folk Art of Russia.
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Styles of art
Art forms

Artistic associations
  • Moscow Union of artists
  • Association of Decorative Artists

  • Saratov art school
  • Saratov Polytechnic Institute
    1961  - 1969
  • Moscow Polygraphic Institute (19781984)
    1978  - 1984