Vasilyevich Maksimychev


Biography and information

Artist Nikolai Maksimychev was born on May 19, 1947 in Ivanovo. In 1966 he graduated from the Ivanovo Art School. The formation of the artist's personality fell on the 60s, the time of the Khrushchev thaw. In the difficult quest to find their own artistic vision, its own painting style.
Graduation work in 1966 - seven-portrait composition "Roll, sculpt!" (180x220) was successful, exhibited at exhibitions.
In 1968, he created a unique work "Death and Fish" in the style of pop art (70x90), weighing 47 kg., Using over 20 different materials, up to a specially crushed prosthesis of the human eye. Work for several years was in the national theater-studio im.VSVysotsky, led R.M. Grinberg.

Picturesque works of the 70s, such as "Skating Rink", "Autumn", "Idyll" and others are in private collections.
The artist traveled a lot. He worked in Knyazh Pogost (Komi ASSR), in the village of Anga on the Lena River, in the Ivanovo and Irkutsk branches of the Art Fund of the RSFSR, in the House of Culture of the Ivtorfmash plant, in the Ivanovo State Circus, Culture and Recreation Park. Revolutions of 1905

A favorite way of the artist’s work was a letter in the open air, where the artist sought to convey on the canvas seemingly indescribable - light, inconstancy, the fluttering of which makes everything vibrate: the outlines of buildings, trees, human figures, the fine soul strings of the artist. Genre and stylistic diversity is peculiar to his work. In the portrait, landscape painting, still life and thematic picture, the author seeks to color expression or to the lyrical interpretation of natural impressions, which allows you to create attractive images that attract color plasticity and rhythmic saturation. a wealth of forms, richness of colorful strokes.

Nikolai Maksimychev possessed the rarest quality - to be completely given to pure painting, the city landscape was the favorite genre of the artist.

Since 1993 - member of the Union of Artists of Russia, was a regular participant in regional, regional, republican and international exhibitions.

Nikolai Maksimychev died on April 19, 2012, was buried in Ivanovo.

His works are kept in all art museums and galleries in Ivanovo and the region, in private collections of many collectors in Russia, as well as in many countries of Europe, the USA and Australia.