Russia • 1856−1933
It is customary that the artists loved painting, it would be good – saw it as the meaning of life, from childhood tried to draw on everything that under a hand will get. Apollinary Vasnetsov, the younger brother of the famous Victor Vasnetsovits main passion was considered not painting. He honestly admitted that most of all loves science: "to collect material, to classify the facts, study them, etc., in this case, the facts of archaeological significance".

In this Apollinary Vasnetsov was a professional. However, it all started quite classically for the artist with the painting at all, what a trip! When little Apollinaris painted chalk wall, chalk he took, then he moved on to a bar of soap – they also worked! And drew, by the way, is excellent and draws a good father was to rate, and later realized the elder brother Victor.

Artists Vasnetsovy came from an old family of priests of Viatka province. Apollinarius was 13 years old when he became an orphan. All worries about him took on Viktor Vasnetsov, had already enrolled in the Academy of arts. Apollinaris at that time four years studied at the Vyatka religious school, than recalled with a grimace of disgust. This elder brother, too, was familiar – he himself was there that he started his training. Viktor Vasnetsov took the brother to the exiled Polish artist Elvira Andriolli. Once Victor and the pole helped to determine the choice of the path. Two years later, Vasnetsov Sr. took Apollinaris to St. Petersburg.

Going to the people and back

In fact, Apollinaris wanted to enter the Academy of arts, and who at the time did not like it. But first it was necessary to provide the certificate of secondary education. He studied hard in all subjects and in the process got so carried away that I thought had to do in the Geological Institute. Viktor Vasnetsov talked him out of it. In Peter pass an external exam was more difficult, and the young Vasnetsov went to Vyatka, where he spun populist vortex. Thoughts about the Academy seemed insignificant, Apollinaris was completely surrendered to the new trends. In 1877, he having passed the exams of the national teachers went to the village in Orel province, to teach peasant children. After a year on the verge of a nervous breakdown, convinced that the reality is far from the beautiful ideas of the populists, came to Moscow. There after foreign travel was just moved Viktor Vasnetsov. Soon the brothers joined the Abramtsevo circle. In the estate of Savva Mamontov at Abramtsevo gathered artists, writers, musicians, is full of conversations about art, controversy broke out, seething life. As such, formal education Apollinaris is not received, but his unofficial teachers had friends older brother Repin, Kramskoy, Polenov. Abramtsevo became a kind of Academy.
Vasnetsov, Jr. actively participated in the events of artistic life. Were Wanderers, and after leaving the Fellowship, became one of the founders of the Union of Russian artists, establish contacts with the "world of art". However, from the main – the actual painting – public activities did not distract. Landscapes praised him, they were happy to have acquired for his collection of Pavel Tretyakov, which was a major indicator of the success and talent of the artist.

In 80-e years it's pretty well-traveled, have visited Ukraine, in the Crimea, the Caucasus, Siberia, the Urals, took a trip to Europe. 1900s Apollinaris Vasnetsov met at the pinnacle of success: he a known, loved, awarded the title of academician in the Academy of arts, headed the landscape Studio at the Moscow School of painting, sculpture and architecture. As a teacher he was great – kind, responsive, enthusiastic. Remember your lean years, in case of need, often supported students financially.

Storytellers Vasnetsovy

If Viktor Vasnetsov – the pioneer of fairy-tale genre, Apollinarius was the first who made the protagonist of his paintings, the architecture of ancient Moscow. "The Kremlin... has assumed the form of the fabulous homes of the Firebird"– wrote Junior Vasnetsov in the memories. Maybe it is from a special magic magic, and the magic of its architectural landscape? History of Moscow, he became fascinated with the 1890-ies, and in 20 years created its unique artistic chronicle (1, 2, 3).

Archaeology was his real passion. It seemed, under the gaze of Vasnetsov, the earth became transparent, and the years seemed to dissolve, revealing to him "the traditions of antiquity." Like his famous brother, in fact, but in the other direction.

Family matters, the revolutionary and post-revolutionary

Apollinary Vasnetsov married in 1902. His fiancee, Tatiana Odoevskaya, was from orlovskih burghers. She shared with him all joys and anxieties. In 1903, was born their only son Vsevolod.
Returning from "going to the people", Vasnetsov was disappointed in the populist methods, but not in a democratic ideas. In 1905 they by Viktor Vasnetsov, there was a serious divergence of views. Apollinaris was inspired by the revolutionary appeals, Victor said that they predict trouble and no good will not result. The revolution of 1917 year Apollinary Vasnetsov took very happily. As it is now will blossom Russian art, who dropped the parasites, infused with a live stream of new ideas, what a wonderful life now waiting for Russia! Alas, the disillusionment came fast and was extremely painful. Soon he will say: "Communism is killing a person. Madness is handing the fate of the people of his country to the dark masses of the lower classes". But to change something was already late.

In 1920, the year Apollinaria Vasnetsov dismissed a teacher and took a workshop in College. And this was done in his absence. Already adult son recalled the horror when the yard in furmanniy alley, where they lived, drove supply and rend things with his father: svaluename mountain paintings, tools, books... did not stop. Soon they were in the apartment gave an outspoken representative of the "lower classes", who shouted "you throw that stuff!", pointing to the paintings hanging everywhere, demanded to give them the Stoker to "at least some sense was"... Apollinary Vasnetsov endured all this very seriously. From a prolonged depression dragged his son. Vsevolod, trying to shake his father, asked: "Remember your mother Ryabov! Remember what you told me, write it!"

Father listened, and that helped him regain inspiration. Surprisingly, the picture of Apollinaris Mikhailovich Vasnetsov those years was particularly radiant, sun-filled (1, 2).

Perhaps the light he tried to find the painting, not seeing it around. In addition to the Sciences, Apollinary Vasnetsov was fond of philosophy, so this option is quite likely. For an improved spirit of the artist was a heavy blow was the death of beloved older brother, with whom they were very close all my life. Reliable, faithful mentor in the art and simple native people were no longer there.

In 1933, when he was already himself dying, he continually asked: "Not blown up or not the temple of Christ the Savior?" Apollinary Vasnetsov only came out openly in the newspaper "Izvestia" with an appeal not to blow up the temple, as it is the undoubted cultural heritage. The temple had already blew up, but his wife answered: "Stand still..."

Author: Alain Esaulova
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