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Rene Magritte

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René Magritte. Dedication Mac Sennet
Dedication Mac Sennet
René Magritte. Prince charming
Prince charming
René Magritte
1948, 75×62 cm
René Magritte. Le Principe du Plaisir
Le Principe du Plaisir
René Magritte
1937, 73×54.5 cm
René Magritte. Evening dress
Evening dress
René Magritte. L’empire des lumières
L’empire des lumières
René Magritte
1949, 48.6×58.7 cm
René Magritte. TheTreachery of Images (This is not a pipe) 
TheTreachery of Images (This is not a pipe) 
René Magritte
1929, 59×65 cm
René Magritte. Therapist
René Magritte
1937, 47.6×31.3 cm
René Magritte. Golconda
René Magritte
1953, 100×81 cm
René Magritte. The son of man
The son of man
René Magritte
1964, 116×89 cm
René Magritte. The lovers
The lovers
René Magritte
1928, 54×73.4 cm


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