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born in AD •
artist, art connoisseur
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Children are inquisitive. Often, even happy endings of fairy tales do not satisfy them — they keep wondering, ‘And what happened next?’ When they see a portrait of a child, they ask, ‘What happened next to this boy (or girl)?’ We are going to speak of what became of the young characters of famous artistic works. Most of them lived a fortunate, or at least bright, life. Arthive has selected some…

Valeriya Madygulova
, September 28 02:13 PM 1
Original   Auto-Translated
Детский "Автопортрет" Дюрера — это вообще не гравюра, и уж тем более не "первая в его творчестве". Это рисунок серебряным карандашом.
Elena Siroid
Elena Siroid
, September 30 03:15 AM 0
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Спасибо, поправила. Википедия ввела в заблуждение, там это "обозвали" гравюрой
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