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Ivanovich Kravtsov
born in 1962
Biography and information
Alexander Ivanovich Kravtsov - painter. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 2005.

Born on September 9, 1962 in Yaroslavl. At the age of 15, having discovered a penchant for creativity, Alexander became interested in painting. When he began to be interested in art, he did not receive proper support in the family, but this only prompted him to an active creative activity. A lot of ideas originated just that period, it only remained to transfer them to the canvas.

In 1979, Kravtsov entered the Kostroma Pedagogical Institute. N. A. Nekrasov at the Faculty of Graphic Arts. The active creative activity of Alexander Kravtsov as a painter began immediately after graduation in 1984.

In the Yaroslavl artistic environment, Kravtsov declared himself as an avant-garde artist. The delicate balance between the traditional Yaroslavl painting of the previous period of fine art and new trends, found by the artist, created recognition for the young artist in the new art field.
This was followed by numerous exhibitions in the Russian Federation and European countries. Currently, Alexander Kravtsov is an active participant in regional, regional and international exhibitions.


1986 - Group exhibition of non-conformist artists, Yaroslavl
1990 - Personal exhibition “Towards Freedom”. Gallery "Sirin" Kostroma
1991 - Personal exhibition. Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve, Nizhny Novgorod
1992 - Group exhibition of artists.
BBC Studio London, New Castle, England
1992 - Personal exhibition. Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve, Yaroslavl
1994 - Group exhibition “En Bloc” Gallery of the Moscow Women's Bank, Moscow
1996 - Personal exhibition in the administration of the Yaroslavl region.
1997 - Group exhibition of Yaroslavl artists, Brussels, Belgium
1998 - Personal exhibition in Bern, Switzerland
1999 - Exhibition-competition “Golden Brush-99”. Central House of Artists, Moscow
2000 - Group exhibition of Yaroslavl artists “Rainbow of Yaroslavia”, Helsinki, Finland
2001 - Personal exhibition in the management of the FSB in the Yaroslavl region.
2002 - Personal exhibition. Museum of History and Architecture, Yaroslavl
2008 - Personal exhibition. Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of Russia, Yaroslavl
2012 - Personal exhibition. City Exhibition Hall. N.A. Nuzhina.

2014 - Exhibition in the framework of the festival of contemporary Yaroslavl artists "ART Non-stop". Yaroslavl Art Museum.

2016 - "We are from Yaroslavl." Group exhibition of Yaroslavl artists at the Center for the Promotion of Fine Arts, Vladimir.


2018 - Letter of appreciation from the Department of Culture of the City Hall of Yaroslavl.

Alexander Ivanovich Kravtsov is a representative of contemporary Russian art. His work is a realistic depiction of the unreal, which can also be called subjective or magical realism. Possessing an unconditional sense of language, sensitivity to metaphors, A. Kravtsov does not refuse to translate a play of words into a play of images with pleasure. Such, for example, are 'Three' Opel 'on Plyushchikha', 'Hold on tightly to the steering wheel, driver ...', 'Rooks flew by' and others.

Kravtsov’s works allow you to take a fresh look at everyday things: instead of the usual profile or full-face image, for example, shoes appear on the canvases that can tell about their master no less than any portrait. A smiling wedding car tells about a big and noisy wedding.
The work of Alexander Kravtsov is inherent in irony. So, fascinated by the Impressionists, he jokingly populates the “Pond in Giverny” with hippos. Creative tasks are solved with particular ease, without regard to limiting prejudices. The images of the past are organically layered on the present, and vice versa, giving birth to a new, bizarre, changing, as in a kaleidoscope, world of the artist, in which there is no place for edification.
One of the series of works by A. Kravtsov is dedicated to Claude Monet, the other presents landscapes of Holland and Belgium, viewing them through the prism of old Flemish masters. The cordial responsiveness, deep empathy with art, characteristic of all his works, allow the artist to immerse modern heroes from the routine of everyday life in the cozy world of “small Dutch”, the vibrant-airy atmosphere of French impressionism, and at the same time captivating and sensual in his paintings the environment of Russian mass culture XIX century.
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  • Kostroma State Pedagogical University
    1979  - 1984