Alekseevna Latysheva

Russia • Sergiyev Posad • born in 1971 • artist

Biography and information

Latysheva Elena was born in 1971, in the city of Zagorsk. She studied at the Abramtsevo Art-Industrial College, is engaged in painting, decorative and applied painting, participates in various exhibitions. Currently lives and works in Sergiev Posad.

People often ask me: “What inspires you? Where do the plots and ideas of your work come from? ”- I tell.
Probably each person has his own world, the only difference between the artist is that he can show this world in his works. As a child, I loved fairy tales very much. For me it’s fortunate that now I myself can tell fairy tales with paints on the canvas, therefore I call my work “Fairy-Tale Realism”.
"Fairy-tale realism", realism - because nothing needs to be invented. A lot of surprising and interesting things are happening around us, and it is because of such events that you can see my works: paintings - mood, paintings - stories, paintings - fairy tales. In my paintings, everyone can see their stories, funny or sad, kind and not very, and sometimes philosophical. That is why, the works are written about the world around us, about events, about you and me!