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born in 1979 •
Elenka Ivankova. Sunset on the Oka River
Sunset on the Oka River
Elenka Ivankova
20×15 cm
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Elenka Ivankova
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    Saint Petersburg, Russia
    ул. Большая Пушкарская д. 10, Saint Petersburg, Russia
    Ul. 2 state farm 19A, Omsk
      Alexandra Vladimirovna Belle. "The car №9, place 14 Gray landscape. Individuals don't remember"
      Gabriel Vadimovich Lubnin. B.N. x/m
      Tatiana Andreevna Kozmina. "Baptism"
      Tatiana Andreevna Kozmina. The Dormition Of The Theotokos
      Tatiana Andreevna Kozmina. The meeting of Mary and Elizabeth
        Самохвалова 1, Dzerzhinsk
        Chermyansky passage 8, Moscow
        Pravdy street house 4, Saint Petersburg, Russia
        Liteiny prospect, 58, Saint Petersburg, Russia
          Elenka Ivankova
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          Дзержинск, Dzerzhinsk
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