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Vladimirovna Lebedeva
born in 1999 •
    Robert Delaunay. The city
    Robert Delaunay. Portuguese woman
    Robert Delaunay. View of the embankment of the Louvre
      Albrecht Durer
      Head of a bearded baby
      Portrait Of Jacob Muffel
      Portrait Of Johannes Of Kleberger
      Portrait Of Jerome Of Galssware
      Portrait of a man
      Sonia Delaunay
      Dance hall Bule
      Electric prisms
      The rhythm of color
      Dance hall Bule
      Andre Derain
      Nude on the sofa
      Portrait of a man with a newspaper
      Portrait of a girl in black
      Robert Delaunay
      Red tower (Champ de Mars)
      The city
      Saint Severin III
      Team Cardiff
      Eiffel tower
        Olga Lebedeva
        liked the artworks
        Albrecht Durer. The southern hemisphere of the starry sky
        Albrecht Durer. Madonna on the Crescent
        Albrecht Durer. Holy Sebald
        Robert Delaunay. Portrait of Ilya Zdanevich
        Albrecht Durer. Five Nude male figures
        Albrecht Durer. Evil thief
        Albrecht Durer. St. Catherine and executioner
        Sonia Delaunay. Singer flamenco
        Andre Derain. Forest
        Andre Derain. The road and the tree
        Jean Inias Isidore (Gerard) Granville. A series of "Hundred Proverbs". Everyone cries out his whim
        A series of "Hundred Proverbs". Everyone cries out his whim
        Jean Inias Isidore (Gerard) Granville
        1845, 25×19 cm
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