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Hello. My name is Ekaterina! I was born in N. Novgorod in 1994. Since childhood, I loved creativity! From an early age she was drawn to drawing and I did better than my peers. Talent broke out from my grandfather and dad. In school years, I almost did not do creativity, except beadwork ... after grade 11, I firmly decided to almost study as a designer. Without art education, I passed the drawing and painting and entered the paid! During my studies at the university for 4 years I gained a lot of knowledge and experience about proportions, construction, light and shadow. She graduated well, but a little did not work out as a graphic designer. Years passed, And now, being on maternity leave, I paint oil paintings. Exactly a year has already passed, as one fine autumn day I firmly decided that I wanted to draw! Oil for me was a completely new unknown material, but desire and inspiration helped me to master the new technology. As a result, I wrote more than 30 paintings in a year. All different directions from portrait to landscape. I am looking for my style ... Welcome to my mini-gallery!
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