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Izrailevna Poberezhskaya


Biography and information

Ada Izrailevna Poberezhskaya (1905-1962)

My mother, Ada Izrailevna Poberezhskaya, was born on April 1, 1905 in Kiev in the family of an employee.
From 1918 to 1920 studied at the Art School-Studio, which was led by A.S. Monco. In 1921 she moved permanently to Moscow. She worked under contracts - designed clubs, red corners, books at the GOSLITIZDAT, and also did painting. She took part in her paintings at the exhibition OST (Society of Easel Painters) in 1925 and at the exhibition AHRR (Association of Russian Revolutionary Artists) in 1927.
In 1929, mother received permission to travel to France, to Paris, to participate in the exhibition "Autumn Salon" in 1928 and the "Salon of Independents" in 1929, where she presented two paintings: "The Pilot" and "Young woman with a blue ribbon. "
After returning to Moscow, she switched to work as a theater artist. Unable to find work in Moscow, she was forced to work under contracts in regional and republican theaters on the periphery for 20 years as a stage designer or chief artist.
Since 1956, mom stopped going to work under contracts, as her health deteriorated sharply. She was forced to do creative work at the graphic works factory in Moscow - she carried out scientific posters, enlarged graphics and maps.
In 1960 she retired and devoted the last two years of her life (from 1960 to 1962) to painting. These are still lifes - a branch with apples, persimmons with a bottle of wine, quince, peaches and pomegranates, a bouquet of berries. All these works have been preserved.
From the early mother's works of the 1930s. I have her pencil self-portrait, a picturesque portrait of my father and a man’s portrait of the French period.
I gave all the sketches of costumes and sets of numerous theatrical productions to the periphery to the Moscow Bakhrushinsky Museum.
In Israel, where I have been living since 1993, I tried to send my mother’s works to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, but they weren’t taken because of the lack of Jewish subjects.

Alla Poberezhskaya (daughter)
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