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Biography and information
Participant of numerous exhibitions, creates works in the style of decorative graphics. The works are original with a unique ornament. The themes of the works are diverse: chess, flowers, female images, space, still lifes, portraits, etc.

Graduated from the Moscow College of Art Crafts and Moscow State Pedagogical University. Sholokhov.

She exhibited her paintings at the Central House of Artists in the Rodina Gallery, the Summertime Gallery, the Art Living Room Gallery, the Fashion Museum in the Manege, the Art Deco Museum, the Central House of Artists, the Ostrovsky Museum, the Golden Calypso Gallery in the Louvre, the Gallery On Kashirka. ” And also: participated in the exhibition “Revolution” Cuba, in the exhibition “Healthy Image” Artplay, there was a personal exhibition in “GoldenHole” and other numerous exhibitions in Russia and the world!

In 2006, she joined the Russian Graphics Union.

2014 - design artist for the magazine “Literary drawing room”.
2015 - Exhibition at the Summertime Gallery.
2014 - 2015 collaborated with Dubo, Rama (poster gallery).
since 2015 - collaborates with a mosaic company.
since 2015 - collaborates with the Art Living Room gallery.
2017 - an exhibition dedicated to Coco Chanel at the Fashion Museum.
2017 - participation in the exhibition “Golden Ring of Russia-50 years” in the Manege.
since 2017 - collaborates with the Art Deco Museum.

Pictures and graphic works are in private collections in New York, Samara, Moscow, as well as in the fund of the journal Entourage.

Has been engaged in the creation of decorative graphics for more than 20 years. Collaborates with various companies that are engaged in: printing on posters, creating mosaics for the interior, printing on silk, creating paper and textile products, etc.

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  • About me
    Участница многочисленных выставок, создаёт работы в стиле декоративной графики. Работы самобытны с неповторимым орнаментом. Темы произведений разнообразны: шахматы, цветы, женские образы, пространство, натюрморты, портреты и т. д. Закончила Московский колледж художественных ремёсел и МГПУ им. Шолохова. Выставляла свои картины в ЦДХ в галерее “Родина”, галерее “Summertime”, галерее “Арт-гостиная”, в музее Моды в Манеже, музее Арт-Деко, ЦДХ, музее Островского, в галерее “Золотая калипсо” в Лувре, галерее “На Каширке”. А также: участвовала в выставке “Революция” Куба, в выставке “Здоровый образ” Артплей, была персональная выставка в “GoldenHole” и другие многочисленные выставки по России и миру! В 2006 г. вошла в Союз графиков России. 2014 г. – художник по оформлению журнала «Литературная гостиная». 2015 г. – выставка в галерее «Summertime». 2014 – 2015 г. сотрудничала с Dubo, Rama (галерея постеров). с 2015 г. – сотрудничает с фирмой по изготовлению мозаики.
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  • Styles of art
    Abstractionism, Cubism, Symbolism, Surrealism
  • Techniques
    Gouache, Collage, Oil, Ink, Pencil, Mixed technique, Gel pen, Acrylic, Mixed, Colored gel pens
  • Art forms
    Painting, Graphics, Architecture, Poster, Collage, Design and applied art, Contemporary art
  • Subjects
    Still life, Landscape, Portrait, Marina, Genre scene, Fantasy, Religious scene, Mythological scene, Interior, Urban landscape, Allegorical scene, Literary scene