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Sophia Khasanova.
Painting, graphics, book illustration, animation.
Creates paintings in the technique of paper, watercolor, gouache, tempera, mixed media.
Lives and works in Moscow.
Sofia Khasanova is the ancestor and founder of a new direction in the visual arts, which was called "spherism."
Recently, the spherical ideas of Sofia Khasanova are actively used by designers in almost all areas of design: in print advertising, video advertising, on product packaging (from food to electronics), in textiles, in the modeling business and so on.

Director of the animated film "Fanny's adventures" co-authored with Khalyg Salaev). The film is a participant in the official program of the festival "Darklight-2004" (Ireland, Dublin).

Production designer of the animated film "Monday" (dir. Halyg Salaev). The film is a participant in the International Independent Film Festival "Deboshirfilm-Clean Dreams-XII" (St. Petersburg, 2009); 17th Open Russian Festival of Animated Films in Suzdal (Suzdal, 2012); showing the program of domestic short and animated films of the Kinodiskoteka project.

Participant of the V Graphic Arts Fair "Hudgraf-2010" in the hall "New Manege", Moscow.
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Press about "Hudgraf 2010":
"Of the new names - the animator Sofya Khasanova. She is known for hanging on the Internet her cartoon" School of Stench ", a parody of the program" School of Slander, "the blogs are heatedly debated." (Olga Marutyan, director of the Graphic Arts Fair, Izvestia newspaper, 04/02/2010)

"The section of contemporary art turned out to be bright and unexpected at the fair. The highlight of the exposition was a new project by the animator Sofia Khasanova (includes drawings from her cartoons, and lyrical works in the watercolor and gouache techniques)." (Alexander Markin, the newspaper Moscow Prospect, No. 22, 04/01/2010)

"The new project of the animator Sofia Khasanova surprised with individual drawings from her cartoons, which repeatedly participated in international animation festivals, such as Deboshirfilm - Pure Dreams XII and the parody film School of Stench, and lyric works in which she uses mixed Technique: Watercolor, Gouache, Tempera, Acrylic. " (Russian LifeStyle Portal FASHION TIME)
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The works of Sofia Khasanova are in private collections in Russia, the UK, the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Greece, and also adorn the offices of many well-known companies in Moscow.

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Sofya Khasanova on art: Art for art's sake is not mine. For me, drawing is like meditation. Observation of hands at the time of work. Game with color. Fun for the eyes. Starting to draw, I don’t ask myself the framework and don’t know what kind of painting I will get. For me, painting is just a color spot. If something bigger appears in the picture, that’s good. For me, a work of art is a portrait of the artist’s feelings. And if it succeeds, the viewer will see it. This is best done by naive artists (primitivists) who do not have a special art education. Their art has remained clean like that of children. People passing from the classical school into privatism are immediately visible. In order to stand out among the crowd of “artists”, they, like spoiled robots, are trying to overpower the program pumped into them.

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    Софья Хасанова. Живопись, графика, книжная иллюстрация, мультипликация. Создает картины в технике бумага, акварель, гуашь, темпера, цветные карандаши, смешанная техника. Живет и работает в Москве.
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