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Alexandrovna Rossamakhina
born in 1969 •
Biography and information
Born in 1969 in the city of Korosten Ukraine. Since childhood, I loved to draw and once painted the door to my parents, and thanks to my parents for not painting and appreciating my work. Painting always attracted but there was no way to study because there was no art school in the city. Parents sent to study at the railway technical school after school, but after half a year of studying, I realized that it wasn’t something to their liking. Having thrown the technical school, I got a job as a student of a painter at a porcelain factory.
Working as a painter at a porcelain factory, I wanted more in my work and it was decided to go to art school.
She graduated from art school in Belarus. Then she taught at an art school in Ukraine and painted.
In 1997 she moved to Russia.
There was a long creative break.
At the moment I am in charge of the studio. I teach children and adults painting, drawing and graphics. I paint paintings by investing kindness and happiness in them. I paint paintings in different techniques and directions. I love animalism to a greater extent. Participated in various regional exhibitions.
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