"Neptune bringing gifts of Venice"

Vyacheslav Vsilyevich Korenev • Graphics, XIX century
About the artwork
Art form: Graphics
Subject and objects: Mythological scene, Allegorical scene
Technique: Woodcut
Materials: Paper
Date of creation: XIX century
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Description of the artwork «"Neptune bringing gifts of Venice"»

At the funds of the museum are preserved the finest woodcuts of Vyacheslav Korenєv. The artist was born at the metro station Mikolaєvі in 1868, having graduated from the Odessa drawing school, being a member of the glorious Partnership of Russian-Russian artists. Vikladav, having become a kerivnik of the Art Class, practicing science at the Katerynoslav Museum of Art, restoring the 16th-17th century ikony, and the boulevards appeared at Dnipropetrovsk. In addition, Korenєv kolektsіonuvav painting and that of objects of decorative and living wisdom. For the first exhibition of the Artistic-Artistic Partnership in 1909 p. Having given pictures, studies and drawings Є. Bruni, Є. Bukovetsky, T. Dvornіkov, M. Kuznetsova, P. Nіlusa, V. Polunova; collections of old Tatar vishivka and opisnyansky ceramics.

The artist praciuvav in the genres of genres. Meisterno Volodіv technicians oil painting, watercolors and prints. Let’s do it at the Dnepropetrovsk Art Museum, the Louvre, the Berlin National Museum skinny. Before I look at it, I’ve completed the woodcut of Vyacheslav Koren зv with paintings by the all-time famous artist, the most mayor of the Italian Rococo, the master of frescoes and engravings, and the great representative of the school in Venice, who donated 17 paintings. In ancient times, Neptune is the god of the sea kingdom. Winning all of us with great fear, they attributed to him all the earth’s land, if earthly truss was repaired, they brought sacrifices to you. A good bullet was struck with a trident on the ground, so that it was open and swayed. Neptune was recognized and shanuvali as a mighty and strong god, all seafarers and merchants, yakty were equipped with volunteers and were completely blessed so that they could give ships free of charge without storm. Behind the call of the vision to see the rukhiv, to make the hair and the wild look, more to see the wild and stormy sea. A trident, its main attribute - not at all, like a harpoon, a kind of vikoristovitsya at the ribovlov_ sharks and kitіv; to that vіn having boasted the patron of ribalok. On bagatokh barrels, the ancient god of images in the supernumerary suite of marine miracles. Like a Morskie deity, Neptune is portrayed at once with Mars, like a henchman of Venice. Allegoryah chotirokh elementіv vіn person_fіku Water.