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Biography and information


Drevnenemetskoe painter, one of the most important masters of the school of Ulm, who worked in 1508-35 he Holding in the first stages of their activities of realism, wrote a very characteristic portraits and even in religious paintings gave the figures of the faces and costumes of his contemporaries, as, for example, in the "Adoration of the Magi", located in Moraczewski the chapel in Nuremberg, the "SV. The family" belonging to the Vienna Museum, and in naprestolny icon 1521 in Ulm Cathedral. Subsequently, probably making a trip to Italy, he was under the influence of painters there, he changed his old style to a more idealistic and began to aspire to the beauty and nobility of the forms and the expression of sincere sentiment.

The most famous Gothic painter of the heyday of the XVI century is Martin Shaffner (about 1480 – 1540). Regarding the schools from which he was released, opinions were divided. Count Puckler-Limpurg, his biographer, says that it mix of various influences, and his teacher sees in a kind of related so-called "master of Sigmaringen" Jorge, Stockee of Ulm, signatories, along with Saffaron in 1496, "carrying the cross" at one of the altars Sigmaringen meeting. Shoffner, all in\one case was not an independent value, however, the fact that he occasionally borrowed one or the other motive of dürer's prints, does not make him a Franconian master, rather it is purely Swabian master. Pictures of his early time, for example, "the adoration of the Magi" in the German Museum, written in the spirit of the XV century. Painting "Passion" (1515), Augsburg and Chashama already softer, freer and more beautiful by the colors of his wing of the altar with "the saints come" (1521) in Ulm Cathedral. At the height of his creativity, Shaffner is in four large flaps (1524) the Alte Pinakothek, Munich with the compositions of the Annunciation, the presentation in the temple, the Descent of St. Spirit on the apostles and of the Dormition, written without external or internal recovery but the nice types, stylish composition and dimmed the colors.

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