Alekseevich Lednev

Russia • Syzran' • born in 1954 • artist
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Lednev Alexander Alekseevich was born on September 30, 1954 in the city of Syzran.
He graduated from the All-Union Correspondence Engineering Institute. He worked as a specialist in industrial enterprises of the city, by profession he is a metallurgist.

In 1990, Alexander Alekseevich graduated from an art school in the city of Syzran.

In 2001, his first solo exhibition “On Syzran with Love” was held in the Exhibition Hall of Syzran. He also began to exhibit his works in the galleries of Samara and Tolyatti.

In 2002, the second personal exhibition of the works of A. Lednev took place in the Exhibition Hall Les couleurs de la Russie. Since 2002, he began to exhibit in France. He held exhibitions in seven cities of this country at once. More than 80 paintings by the artist are now in France permanently.

In 2004, a jubilee exhibition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the artist took place; it was held at the Syzran Exhibition Hall.

In 2005, an exhibition was held in the Provincial Duma of Samara, and then a personal exhibition of the works of Alexander Alekseevich was held in France, in the city of Zhonzag.

2006 was also marked by solo exhibitions of the artist. They take place in the cities of France - Montender, Mirbo, as well as in Berlin.

In 2008, he became president of the Russian branch of the Palette of Peace Association.

2010 - participation in the art salon of La Bourboule, France.

2013 - a festival in the city of Vierzon (France).

Alexander Alekseevich Lednev writes both realistic landscapes and still lifes, and abstract works, constantly trying himself in a variety of manners, amazing his fans with the breadth of his creative range. Despite the creative variety of themes and picturesque techniques, his work is immediately recognizable, the style and manner of this artist is always purely individual and unique.
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