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born in 1960 •
Mica Er is a contemporary artist working in her own studio in 2000, the act of creativity has always been at the center of my activity. The Micaer-art studio is a place where my experience, education and teaching merge together. Thus, I manage to combine classical techniques and the spirit of modernity in my work. With the help of art, I struggle with human indifference and discover new aspects of our reality in front of the audience.

The studio specializes in the production of endlessly beautiful vintage versions of sculptures of various formats, including monumental ones. The goal is to delight fans with their creativity and give them an unforgettable experience, expressing their special outlook on reality making each work of art memorable and conveying ideas about beauty in order to expand the worldview spiritually enriching all those interested in art. To model tall and very thin bodies of sculptures, the Polimix composite material is used, which reveals the richness of highly filled composites.

The source of my inspiration is the miracle of life itself, I am inspired by numerous sources: observation of passers-by and their position of bodies, persons with noticeable features, as well as works of international artists such as sculptors; Alberto Giacometti, Louise Bourgeois, Antone Josse and Minh-Châu, as well as Russian artist Dmitry Kavarga. This path, of course, led to the sculptures that I have been making for nineteen years, the route laid by observations and dedication.


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