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born in 1992 •

I welcome you to my page!) My name is Anna Osipova). I am an artist, tattoo master, medic, founder and owner of Anny Tattoo Moscow studio.

At one time, my great ancestor on my father's side, S.V. Malyutin painted the first Russian nesting doll ... I love Russia and live in Rosiii, and I was always surprised that few people remember and know about my ancestor ..

If you draw a pedigree chain from me to Sergey Malyutin, then this is what happens: I (Anna) - my Papa Maxim - grandmother Lyudmila - great-grandmother Elena - great-great-grandmother Vera - great-great-grandfather Sergey Malyutin.
That is, it turns out I'm the great-great-great-granddaughter of a great artist and architect).
Sergei Vasilievich did not live, of course, before my birth, but Vera Sergeevna, who lived to be 98 years old, we remember, we remember Elena Alexandrovna, woman Lyalya (Leokadia Adamovna), the brightest man! Lyudmila and Maxim are alive and well, live in Europe)

And I live and work in Moscow, the capital of our country)


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