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Vadimovich Stroynov

born in 1962 •
Vitaliy Vadimovich Stroynov
Born 25.08. 1962 in the city of Buzuluk, Orenburg region. He graduated from the Penza University of Architecture and Construction in 1984. I live in Penza. He was fond of painting from childhood and carried this love through his whole life. At first it was a hobby, but at 50, he decided to drastically change his life. In December 2012, he resigned from the prestigious post of deputy. Director of a construction company and went to free artists to do only what he loves. Since July 2014, a member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia. Included in the Unified Register of Artists of the Russian Empire, USSR, Russia. Rating 5 V (Held by a professional artist) in the directory "Unified Artistic Rating." PSHR. Since February 2019, member of the ArtPriorityClub club. Member of the Union of Russian Artists, honorary member of the International Academy of Contemporary Art. Since childhood, in love with nature and I hope I learned to understand it, its condition, beauty, harmony. Therefore, the main genre of my work is landscape. I strive to convey through the landscape above all - MOOD. Style is realism.
In August 2013 he was included in the International Art Directory Jose Galvan Montmartre.
My works in electronic form are available in the virtual museum Tadeusz Glowinski, Poland (sent at his request.). Also, paintings are available at the Penza Folk Museum, in private collections in Russia and abroad (USA, France, Bulgaria, China, Estonia)
Publication in the catalog "Art of Russia - 2015"
Publication in the catalog "Art of Russia - 2016."
Exhibitions :
1. Personal exhibition at the Museum of Folk Art in Penza January 16 - February 19. 2013
2. International Art Salon - 2014 Central House of Artists Moscow March 2014
3. The international exhibition project "On the Right Path" Central House of Artists Moscow 03 - 11. 09. 2014
4. "Painting of Russian artists" Museum of Fine Arts Qiqihar China August - September 2014
5. International Art Salon - 2015 Central House of Artists Moscow 6.03 - 15.03 2015
6. Personal exhibition at the Penza Museum of Folk Art August 2015
7. Collective exhibition of Moscow artists "Die Farben der Jahreszeiten." Berlin Germany Galerie VINOGRADOV, May 10 - June 10, 2016
8. Collective exhibition of artists ArtPriorityClub “Duty on April.” In the art residence “Apartment 10. on Mokhovaya.” Moscow –April-May 2019. And there is a collective exhibition “Mood JZAZZ. “- June 2019

1. Gold medal "GOLDEN EAGLE" ("Golden Eagle.") For special achievements from the Association "New York Realism." , USA - October 2016
2. Silver medal at the International Competition ”ARTEX AWARDS” ”Art, Perfection, Recognition” (season ”Spring - 2018”)
3. Silver medal at the International competition "ARTEX AWARDS" "Art, Perfection, Recognition" (season "Autumn 2018")
4. Bronze medal at the ARTEX AWARDS International Competition "Art, Perfection, Recognition" (season "Spring 2019")
5) Gold medal at the International competition "ARTEX AWARDS" "Art, Perfection, Recognition" (season "Autumn 2019")
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    Родился 25 .08. 1962 г. в г. Бузулук Оренбургской области. Окончил Пензенский Университет Архитектуры и Строительства в 1984 г. Проживаю в г. Пенза. Член Профессионального Союза Художников России . Включен в Единый Реестр художников Российской Империи, СССР, России. Рейтинг 5 В ( Состоявшийся профессиональный художник ) в справочнике "Единый художественный рейтинг." ПСХР. С февраля 2019 г. Член клуба ArtPriorityClub . Член Союза Русских Художников, почетный член Международной Академии Современного Искусства. С детства влюблен в природу и надеюсь, научился понимать ее, ее состояние, красоту, гармонию. Поэтому основной жанр моего творчества - пейзаж. Стремлюсь передавать через пейзаж прежде всего - НАСТРОЕНИЕ
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