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Yakovlevich Wallet

born in 1925
Nikolay Yakovlevich Wallet. Untitled
Nikolay Yakovlevich Wallet. Etude
Nikolay Yakovlevich Wallet. Land of ancestors
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Chernihiv artist Koshel Nikolay Yakovlevich
Born on February 19, 1925, in the village of Dubolugovka, Nezhinsky district, Chernihiv region. He graduated from the Odessa Art College (1945-1950). Teachers by profession - L. Muchnik, M. Sheluta, M. Poplavsky. He worked in the industry of easel painting, a monumentalist and decorator. Member of the Chernihiv Regional Union of Artists since 1955. Major works: “Mill near the village. Brittany ”(1946),“ Wheel of History ”(1953),“ Self-portrait ”(1956), October collective farm field. “It’s good to live on a collective farm” (1970), “Misty Day” (1970), “Forgotten Church” (1972), “Autumn beyond the Desna” (1973), “On the Land of Their Ancestors” (1976), “Native Land” ( 1975), “Parent's Land” (1976), “Inna, who left for Holland” (1980), “Kamenitsa Lizogub in Sydney” (1986), “Lake Magistratskoe” (1998). Participated in exhibitions: republican since 1952.
He lived and worked in Chernigov.

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Nikolay Yakovlevich Wallet. Agudzera. Caucasus
Agudzera. Caucasus
Nikolay Yakovlevich Wallet
1976, 51×70 cm
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