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Ivanovich Artym

born in 1963

Biography and information

Born 01.01.1963r. at the village Popeliv, Ivano - Frankivsk region.

Osvita: The Odessa State Art School named after M. B. Grekov was born in 1983, the artist is pedagogically educated, the fakhl - the malyudan and the armchair. Teachers in fahu - Yu.A. Kovalenko, L.Kіrіchek. I’ve done creative work since 1985 and to Vista from 2000 rubles. Member of UNAMSU since 2003.

Pratsyuє in the genres of easel easel painting - thematic painting, portrait, ale golovnu respect v_ddaє landscape painting.

“In the landscape I know the nature, the lyrics, the soulfulness of the unique features of the prayers — I’ll be dear to nature. To him, to my mind, a part of the historical people, my morality.

Crossing, scho landscape є the most natural genre in the creative mystery. "

All-Ukrainian artist exhibition "Malovnicha Ukraina":

2000 RUR m.Khmelnitsky - "Vіzerunki zimi", 2000r., po., 75x55,

2001 RUR m. Ivano - Frankivsk - "Kukurudzyane vіysko", 2001, p., 75x90,

2002r. m. Donetsk - "Kalinonka", 2002r., bp, 80x100,

2003 r. metro Lviv - "Winter holidays", 2002, p., 100x100,

2005 RUR m. Kirovograd - "Gurzuf", 2004, p. 80.80,

2007 RUR m. Ternopil - "Z Polonini", 2001r., bp, 90x75,

2008 RUR Metro station Dnipropetrovsk - "Svitaє. Pivdenny Bug", 2007r., po., 80x90.

All-Ukrainian art exhibitions, attributed to the memorable gifts:

2000 RUR Metro station Kyiv - "55 Rokіv Peremogi" - "Plіtkarki", 2000 rub., po, 80х80,

2000 RUR m. Kyiv - "Artist's Day" - "Leto. Evening", 2000, p., 80x80,

2000 RUR metro station Kyiv - "Until 2000 - the Litty of Christ" - "Call on the Intercession", 2000r., po, 80x80,

2001 RUR metro station Kyiv - "15 Rocks of the Chornobilsky Tragedy" - "Vrata", 2000 rub., po, 80x80,

2001 RUR m. Kyiv - "Until the day of the artist" - "Midday spec", 2001, p., 90x75,

2002r. Metro station Kyiv - "Rizdvyana" - "Soon the Holy Vecher", 2002r., po., 100x130,

2006 RUR metro Kyiv - "Until the Independence Day of Ukraine" - "Vitrila youth", 2006, p., 90x90,

2006 RUR Metro station Kyiv - "Rizdvyana" - "Matusine Podіrya", 2002r., po., 100x100,

2007 RUR Metro station Kyiv - "Rizdvyana" - "Pukhnasta Tisha", 2007r., po., 80x100,

2008 RUR m. Kyiv - "Until the day of the artist" - "Kolyadki", 2002r., po., 127x130.

Personal and international art exhibitions:

2001 RUR metro Mikolaiv, Regional Art Museum imeni V.V. Vereshchagina,

2002r. Russia, stanitsa Alekseevskaya - "Plein Air - 2002", "House of Cossack Nikodim Leonov", po, 65x80, "Zotovskie Dali", po, 65x80,

2003 r. Russia, participant in the project "Time for Change", Creativity Spіlka artists і Rosії, Rosіyska Academy of mysteries,

2004 RUR metro Mikolaiv, Regional Art Museum imeni V.V. Vereshchagina - exhibition of works of the People’s Artist of Ukraine M.O. Ryasnyansky,

2005 RUR Polshcha, metro Belgoraj - artist's exhibition "Pleiner - 2005" - 28 creative works,

2005 RUR Odesa metro station - Creative club "Dialogue",

2008 RUR metro Koktebel, International Plein Symposium "Grapes, winemaking, wine, Koktebel - 2008", org. Association of "Ukraine - France".

Actively take part in the open captive symposiums, as well as self-creative creative roads.

Robots can be found at the authority of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine - "Kukurudzyans vіysko", Mikola Art Museum. V.V. Vereshchagina - “Recreation Willow”, as well as at private collections in Ukraine and beyond the cordon - Rosiya, Italy, England, Nimechchina, USA.

Achievements with a Honorable Mention - Heads of the Oblast’s sovereign administering, - for the bagatrix of the honor in the culture hall, some specialties at the time of the development of the creative mystery, high professionalism and the art of mastering.


* The catalog "Time for Changes", 2003, Moscow metro, Creativity Spіlka artistі Rosії,

* Catalog "Contemporary Art of Russia", 2006, Moscow metro, Creativity Spіlka artistsі Rosії,

* N. Smirnova, Gallery, "The Family of Artists. Dmitry Artym" - Journal of Business and Political Power - "Region of the South", 2006, No. 5 (40), Art. 40-43
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