About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Date of creation: 1887
Artwork in selections: 5 selections

Description of the artwork «Compassion»

In the painting "Compassion" (1887), Puvis de Chavan depicted the meeting of a desperate fallen woman, symbolizing repentance, the nun, the essence of which is mercy. A sense of stillness and grandeur, meaningful silence is achieved by simplicity and laconism of artistic language. Puvis de Chavan not trying to teach its art, but above all, inspires the viewer a mood by using colors and lines. The artist tries to comprehend the hidden from the conventional view of the state of nature and the human soul. With its small size, the perceived monumental work, like a mural. Puvis de Chavan was one of the first painters of his time, who sought to revive the monumental painting in the framework of easel painting. So he created his mural "the History of St. Genevieve" for the Paris Pantheon. To this same trend and adjoins the painting "Compassion". You know the artist, that "the true role of painting — inspired walls."