Russia • Samara • born in 1993 • artist, art dealer, art connoisseur
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Biography and information

Childhood. Born in Samara on May 25, 1993. She spent most of her childhood in the villages: in Averyanovka (Bogatovsky district) and Bogdanovka (Kinelsky district), as well as in a country cottage in the Volzhsky district. Staying in a rural atmosphere, in the midst of nature, is well imprinted in the soul, the result is outpourings on canvases now. From childhood, she discovered creative abilities, but she began to study piano in the art school, and a year later she enrolled in the class of fine art and choreography. She had success in musical notation, singing and drawing. The teacher of choral disciplines noted talent in vocals and, often, set the stage as a soloist in the choir, but after 5 years, vocals (which were replaced instead of the choir) had to be abandoned due to material limitations in the family. She refused the piano lessons a year later. But the visual arts did not leave and studied for a total of 9 years. The teacher also noted talent and allowed to help other students with the writing of theses (paintings).

Student years. After graduating from the general parish school and art school, she entered the Samara Aerospace University, feeling a love of mathematics and the exact sciences. The craving for creativity did not stop and implementation was necessary, therefore, in her student years she carried out orders (mainly portraits), helped to paint the scenery at the university, while working as a road designer.

Further development. After graduation, she went to the office, having changed two organizations and having spent about 4 years, she realized that I could not express myself fully in creativity to the full, and I had only a small fraction of the opportunity to do what I liked. I decided and left. Now I am a free artist, occasionally I go to a monastery - I sing contralto on the choir, I study and try to develop this talent too.

A little bit about creativity. I write what I like, relying on photos, thinking out the plot, color, light, contrast. I can’t define my pictures and desires for one kind of genre, since it interests and catches up different things. More close to realism, with warm scenes or mysterious and silent, having a soul and mood.