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Germany • 1839−1924

Biography and information

First G. Thomas received craft education one lithographer, then the craftsmen of watch cases. 1859, studied at the Academy of arts in Karlsruhe. At the end lived and worked in düsseldorf, Munich, Frankfurt-on-main and in Karlsruhe, where since 1899 he was Director of the Museum of Art and Professor of art at the local Academy. In 1874 made a trip to Italy. In 1886 G. Thomas visited Paris.

He studied lithography, worked in Furtwangen, writing cases for hours. In 1859-1866 studied at the Academy of fine arts Karlsruhe I. V. Schirmer. Regularly went to nature in the black forest, where he painted landscapes. In 1867 he visited Dusseldorf, acquainted with the paintings of the masters of this school. In 1868 went to Paris with Chimera, interested in work of G. Courbet. In 1870 and in Munich met by A. Bekledim, V. Leiblum, V. Muller. From 1876 to 1899 he lives in Frankfurt-on-main. Was the Art gallery Director and Professor of the Academy of arts in Karlsruhe.

Landscapes Volume Peak in the black forest (1861), Landscape in the black forest (1872), Beach Creek (1863), a Peasant boy at the forest edge (CA. 1862, all — Karlsruhe, Kunsthalle), Summer (1872, Berlin, State. museums) convey the beauty of nature in the black forest with the mountain Kaysersberg, dense forests and green meadows; views of the outskirts of his home town of Bernau, and the Church where he used to spend the summer (Singing in the midst of greenery, 1875, Hannover, lower Saxony). The image of his mother Rose Tom appears frequently in his paintings (the Peace of Sunday afternoon, 1876, in Hamburg, Kunsthalle; Reading mother, 1871, Winterthur, collection O. Reinhardt). Narrative and funny domestic scenes H. Tom (Feeding the chickens, 1867; Rural violinist, 1871, both of Karlsruhe, Kunsthalle; Market scene, 1899, Mannheim, Kunsthalle). Hans Tom has also created portraits (self-Portrait, 1871, Hamburg, Kunsthalle; Mrs. Solderer, 1873, Karlsruhe, Kunsthalle), capturing loved ones, acquaintances, subtly conveying the mood of the model. Gorgeous colours still life painter (Pitcher with flowers, 1872, Berlin, State. museums), full of dynamic strokes; they narrate the life of the man, his life.

Student Schirmer, Hans Tom was a fine colourist, a master of plein-air painting, created many works in various genres.