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Russia • Moscow and Moscow Oblast • born in 1968 • artist, art dealer

Biography and information

Artist statement. I'm the voice of the noosphere, expressing heart vibrations of the Universe since I was two. At the age of five I fell in love with the statue of David by Michelangelo in the Pushkin Museum of Arts. Since then I'm a New Renaissance transformational science artist and art therapist. I create dynamic metaverse of healing art, combining ancient spirit of the Planet and virtual reality of the noosphere. Friends say that I reveal angels hidden in people. My strategy is global collaborations for the benefit of all  living beings of Earth.

On February 24, 2022 I gave an interview on my art strategy for the singapore Fenix360 blockchain platform for promotion independent artists to their potential global fans. My interviewer is the camera man of "Jurassic park" and we both agreed on THAT day we will speak about my transformational science art and our common creative work for the benefit of the Planet as this is our way to lead all living beings to their happiness in our common biosphere.  

My roots&collections. I grew up in a family of descendants of Russian aristocrats from Ukraine and Bessarabian jewish refugees with interdisciplinary science+art+edutainment talents. I graduated from the computer science chair of math department of the Moscow State University in 1990 and then finished the course in Digital art at the New Media Art Lab of the Soros Center for Contemporary Art in 1992. I embarked on the path of satisfied non-conformism during my nude studies in the studio of Dmitry Gordeev, mathematician and leader of the underground group "20 Moscow Artists". I created childish art, portraits of impossible people, still lifes, graphics and sketches. My art residences included "Estonian art retreat. Lahemaa National Park", "Faber-Castell art residence in Pereslavl-Zalessky", "Jerusalem art+edtech residence. Fearless Tara", "Budapest art+web residence. Bridges and castles"  and "Eurasian online art residence: The White Swan". I created thematic art collections including "Cultural Brand Russia: Overcoming Dualities", mobile photography of meanings with charity serie "End-to-end inclusion. The art of LifeRooting". I develop a series of VR interior solutions "The Mood to Live", "Virtual Reality. The art of transformation" and  "Aristocratic democracy of the digital age" on the base of my artworks. I'm a member of the sector of synthesis of arts in Creative Union of Artists of Russia.

Transformational Science Artist. Since the 1990s the Portal of Russian cultural heritage “Museums of Russia” hosted my personal art&poems gallery, which was included in the international database "The art stand" representing artists from 85 countries. "The art stand" got 25,000 unique visitors per day, being both a collection of the best contemporary art and a media educational project aimed “to empower communities through art” and shared art for 2+ million children and adults with disabilities. I was an expert and head of the educational program of the International festival of computer art "Anigraph". I delivered master classes in art career for artists and storytelling for curators at the Russian Art Week. I was a participant of the paintings exhibition “Drawing the wind”, digital art project “Russian Civilization”, inclusive photo contest “Without barriers”, Museum of ecological art, poster design competition "Global Citizenship", creative photo collection "LensCulture", illlustrations competition "Art on climate" (Global Investors Allianz), etc. I got a Special Prize 2020 for my paintings of meanings, including "Anxiety before starting the easy path to light" from the MellowApp (Japan), now delivering joy&calmness through art for 170+ countries of the Planet on iOS and Android. My photoart "Enlightenment for the humanity" entered the second round of the Arab sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award "Humanity 2021". My painting “Archangel Mikhail” got a Special Recognition Prize from the “Primary Colors” Art Exhibition 2021 of the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (USA, 145 finalists from 627 entries from 24 countries). My diptych "Princess Frog & Archangel Mikhail" was included in the issue "Identity" of the "Boomer art mag" (London, December 2021, collection of artists from 30+ countries), with Frida Kahlo on the cover page. In October 2022 a series of my biospheric collages took part in the V International Photo and Science Art PASA Festival "Connect" (South Korea), bringing digital art to public spaces of Seoul and Hanoi. In February-March 2023 I presented 6 sirens and a poem at the "Homer's Odyssey" online exhibition in the PocketStar Gallery (Greece). I published the book “Cultural brand Russia for innovators of the digital era” (2023) in collaboration with the Kuznetsovsky Porcelain Partnership, which grew out of the empire of the "porcelain kings of Russia" - Suppliers of His Imperial Majesty with a 200-year history. Now I develop Workshop on science art development of sustainable brands for people, organizations and territories with focus on city genius loci. Speaker of the conferences of the Russian Academy of Arts "Geography of Art" and "History of the city through art. To the 1000th anniversary of Suzdal”. My inspirers are Tara (female form of Buddha), da Vinci, Churlionis, Mozart, de Saint-Exupéry, Pushkin, Bulgakov, Vernadsky, Gagarin, Brin.

Sustainable art therapist. In 1996 I received the certificate of an art therapist, in 1999 became a fairy tale therapist, in 2000 - a hypnotherapist. I also worked as a PR manager of the 3D web company ParallelGraphics, including my author's project in creative healing communication based on the "Morphology of a fairy tale" by V. Propp. I presented its results at the conference "Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts" (EVA) in the State Tretyakov Gallery. I worked as an art family therapist in the center "Cradle of life" for pregnant women and helped 200 children to be born happily in 2000th.  Since 2010, in partnership with an immunologist, I have been helping people to get out of asthma into breathing partnership with life. I published a tutorial of self-healing and self-realization for creative people “Secrets of the Frog Princess. Biosphere therapy for humans and humanity”(2012). I use science+art+storytelling therapy with various types of clients, from fragile & creative young ladies to strong & successfull mature enterpreneurs. I'm able to lead people from years of dependence from hormonal drugs and unproductive life strategies to a joyfull life of a creator. I was a speaker and participant of the 2nd Annual “I HeArt Connection” 3D Web Virtual Community Art Show of the Art Therapy Institute (USA,  February - March, 2022; participants from 20+ countries).

Media educator. I won a fellowship in EdTech at Aharon Ofri International Center for Educational Technology (Jerusalem) and a fellowship in Internet communities form The Central European University (Budapest). I worked for the radio program "Online" at the BBC Russian Service in 1990th. In 1995 I defended Russia's first PhD in media education by means of computer graphics and animation in the Russian Academy of Education. Since then I published 300+ articles, including interview with the futurologist Rolf Jensen, author of the books "The Dream Society: How the Coming Shift from Information to Imagination Will Transform Your Business" and "The Renaissance Society". I started my media educational experiments in the International Children's Computer Camp of Pereslavl-Zalessky  and got the award from Academia Euroepaea in humanities for the educational book "Virtual Reality for Beginners" in 1998. I taught children and adults digital art & creative skills and became a finalist of the "Professional Success" contest of Cosmopolitan magazine. I also led creative Internet projects, including Intel internet premium and my own educational site Virtual Russia, devoted to digital art and virtual reality technologies. Since 2010 I taught creative writing & storytelling of the digital era for hundreds of people from 7 to 70 year old and then published a textbook in small prose and poetry "How to write in the 21st century?" (2013), which included a chapter of storytelling for artists. Now I develop science art storytelling methods of media education for creative cross-sectoral cooperation. I became a brand ambassador of the InsituArtRoom App (Sweden) since 2021: I love the multimedia storytelling that my art creates in their virtual interiors, allowing us to co-develop a common Universe by the play of figures and backgrounds. 

Business trainer. I studied micro- and marcoeconomics in the summer school of London school of economics & political science. They invited me to London, but I prefered to teach computer animation to Russian children and out of box thinking to businesses located in Moscow :). Since 2000 I develop and deliver training programs in creative thinikng and partnership for 150+ companies from small to global, including Croc, IBS, Video international, RBC, Cosmos TV, Miro, Johnson & Johnson, MDM Bank, Castrol, British Petroleum, Breweries of Ivan Taranov, Econika, Red Cube, Honda Aoyama Motors, St. Petersburg Vodokanal, StroyTech, Volga-Dnepr and others. I focused on development of creative teams for innovatiove growth and published 300+ articles along with 8 educational books, including "The art of working with people" (EKSMO, 2004) and "The Tao of a Creative Careerist" (EKSMO, 2005). I received gratitude from the "Vedomosti" business newspaper for Russian&French training on out of box thinking for the leading Moscow giants and gave my most famous interview "Detective investigation of dreams" to Seva Novgorodtsev on BBC. I deliver consultations on creative ideas for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance (ESG) since 2010. In 2020 I led an online column "White swan", accompanied by my paintings of meanings and devoted to anti-crisis strategies for digital businesses with high CSR\ESG. In this column I forecasted the global crisis of 2022 and described the path out of it :).

Writer and poet, literary theme "inner music of humanity". In 2007 I graduated from the Higher Literary Courses (workshop of Yevgeny Sidorov, former minister of culture and representative of Russia at UNESCO). In 2004 I took a scripting course in UCLA format at the Hollywood School in Ukraine. Since 2000-th I publish short prose and poetry in Russia, Australia, USA, Germany and Israel. I got literary prizes of the Union of Writers of the Russia and the Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra (2005), Ministry of Culture of Mordovia (2007), Cosmonaut Team of Russian Cosmos Corporation "Energia" (2008), German Chekhov Society (2011), VIII International Multimedia Contest “Living Word 2013”, Russian Geographical Society (2014), magazine Interpoetzia (USA\Israel, 2014). My novell "The astronaut" was included in the Honorable Mention list (top 15%) of the 45th New Millenium Writing Award 2018, an international English-language competition (USA). Now I finalize the four illustrated volumes of my best short prose and poetry collection.

Cultural & interfaith diplomat. For about 15 years I was a senios scientific researcher in the Russian institute of cultural research under the guidance of the leading Russian culturologist Kirill Razlogov, Les insignes de Chevalier de l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres. I specialized in convergence of real&virtual audiovisual Universes for creative leadership, transformation and partnership in different cultures and religious traditions. I won a fellowship in Transformational Diplomacy on BBC in 1997, sponsored by Know-How Fund. I was a contributor on innovative state development for the "Strategy" analytical magazine. I led an author's column "Literary brand Russia" and published the model “Cultural Brand of Russia” in 2015. I was included in the encyclopedia "Who is who in Russia" for the results in cross-cultural cooperation and interreligious practice. I gor Reiki Master degree and finished the course "Diplomacy in the 21 century" from the Global Diplomatic Forum in 2020. I passed the exams of the program in Discovering Buddhism at the Fund for Preservation of Mahayana Tradition in 2021. In the spring of 2023 I presented a report "Poetic auto-translation as a tool for cultural art marketing of Russia" based on my multimedia project "Journey" (triptych + free verse) for the Japanese application Mellow at the conference of the laboratory "Rossica: Russian literature in the world cultural context" in the Institute of World Literature. I develop further creative partnerships to upgrade creatively the level of humankind's management of the Earth's biosphere :).

To be continued... :)

From the reviews of artists on co-creation:

From the first meeting, a sensation of a powerful energy charge was felt, movement, desire to understand, understand, identify and realize.
They began to analyze the works of the Great. Why is that called? Why is it so arranged? What did the author want to say? Where is he in this, where is the viewer in general, and where am I? They were looking for means of expressiveness: due to what is the picture "catchy"? The most difficult thing is to take the place of the author and feel the same as him. And if it works out, you see the truth.
We got to our own work. Conducted a similar analysis. He began to look at his works in a different way. He clearly outlined his priorities, built a hierarchy of goals, understood what he was writing for. Further ... they built the work in a certain sequence, found the relationship and development, the movement of the hero in the paintings of the entire exhibition. Incredibly, new themes, new meanings arose.
The work with the title carries a deeper essence, the title gives the direction of thought, showing the viewer what to look at and how to think. It is important that one looks through the eyes of the other. The interconnection of people with different perceptions of reality is bearing fruit. This helps to understand yourself, to extract the truth that was the root cause of the birth of the work. The analysis of facts helps to understand the means of expression, which form the individuality of the author and his works.
Evgeny Yachny, professor at the Faculty of Painting, St. Petersburg State Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. I.E. Repina, laureate of the Young Talents 2010 Prize of the Government of St. Petersburg and the 2012 Prize of the exhibition of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg “Youth of St. Petersburg. The Beginning ”, participant of the School of Small Prose and Poetry by Natalia Garber in the Pushkin Mountains and St. Petersburg, 2012 \ 2013

Classes of the writing school help to learn to think in composition, move from facts and specifics to images and signs. Literary experiments develop in the artist compositional thinking, which in painting, as in literature, is the pinnacle.
My artist’s book “Svyatogorye” is stories connected by a place. I wanted to display contemplation at different levels. The first series is called "Nostalgia." This is a set of the most vivid visual impressions of the lyrical hero who visited these places as a child. The second group of paintings, “The Village of the Old Elm”, allows you to see in the ordinary deep. And the third series, “Noon,” is dedicated to the historical past. It shows the harmony of man and nature. People and things here need each other. The poetic principle of nature flows into man and fills him. The third chapter of my story - “The Life of Things”, on the contrary, conveys the world of objects of a person who has departed from his beginning, striving to enclose nature within the framework of his narrow understanding. This world is replaced by a new image: this is one picture - the chair of Pushkin's ancestor, Hannibal. In it, the natural and the human are combined into one. The subject becomes a sign. This work brings together the themes of the two previous chapters.
The final chapter of my book is called The Return. It is dedicated to the return journey of our contemporary to his roots. An attempt to regain a connection with the natural principle leads the lyrical hero back to Holy Mountain. Man seeks to find harmony again by returning to the earth. Perhaps this is achievable, but not like our ancestors. We need to change our position on the view of the artist, for whom each part of the world harmoniously exists among others - and become a particle of the world, and not its conquerors.
Polina Raeva, a graduate of the graphic faculty of St. Petersburg Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. I.E. Repina, a member of the St. Petersburg Federation of Mountaineering, Rock Climbing and Ice Climbing; a participant of the international exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Lithuania and Japan, her works are placed in private collections in Russia and Japan; participant of the School of Short Prose and Poetry Natalia Garber for artists in the Pushkin Mountains, 2012

In order for mainland clay to become a plastic material for work, it must be cleaned of impurities and thoroughly kneaded. Something similar happens when you start recording your stories. I have long been telling tales and occasions, but in communicating with my dear Natalya I discovered a cross-cutting theme - this is “The Secret of Creativity”. Natalya provoked a cycle of my autobiographical short stories, helped outline his composition and unifying structure. As a result of our meetings, the mechanism of long sensory memory worked for me, I wanted to keep the intonation of my stories in writing. I began to gain experience in written fixation, to grow a “tree of work”. Referring myself to fatalists with a keen ear to the voice of fate, I think now that the time has really come to give my stories, etudes, and short stories, handwritten forms. Any work already exists, you just need to accurately guess the time of its birth. Focus, without forcing events, without losing sensations and details - and write down.
Arina Daur, illustrator, member of the Russian Union of Artists in St. Petersburg; her works placed in collections in France, USA, Finland,  her exhibitions were held in Japan, Latvia, Canada and France (in the Council of Europe); founder and leading teacher of St. Petersburg Society of Masters of Calligraphy, Monotype and Silhouette, organizer of the International Monotype Festival "Poetry of Image" (Moscow-Helsinki-St. Petersburg); client of the individual course of transformational storytelling by Natalia Garber in Pushkin mountains, 2013

Natasha, I published your text on my Facebook ... How my friends are grateful to you! Many people immediately responded, left warm reviews - poets from Moscow, musicians from Tbilisi, director of the Russian House in New York ... EVERYTHING warmed me, thanks to your wonderful work! There are no words for joy! All congratulations. It’s so nice that my exhibition will open tomorrow.
I think I was waiting for you! With your appearance, a second wind opened. Such positive energy comes from you. I need a man so that I trust and I feel calm. And I consider you such a person! I have a very developed intuition ... I feel everything, even at a distance. I'm so happy at the moment! They have not yet represented me with dignity ... I read, re-read and admire it as if it was not me, but another Dariko whom I love! All life passes, as on the screen ... I am happy, I began to feel like a person.
I always knew that such a time would come (this is a separate mystical story that happened in Tbilisi in 1986) and since then I have been waiting for YOU! I can write endless “thanks”, but it seems to me that this is no longer necessary. And so everything is clear! It seems to me that your Message is not only to museums, but to the whole World. It remains to write - bravo, Natalia!
Oh, what a pleasure I got from the stories: "Several buds fell from the TV onto the carpet of my room. I picked them up and put them in a vase. They still stand on the window and smell of freedom." So cute! So everything is interesting, no words. Thank you so much. Actor Sergo Zakariadze said: a white horse runs only once before a person throughout his life, so you should always be ready to jump on him! Thanks again - I went to work, with a smile and joy!
Dariko Beridze (Tsarskoye Selo), master of arts and crafts of Russia, member of the Russian Union of Artists of St. Petersburg, Honored Artist of Georgia, laureate of the Presidential Scholarship "For Merit to the Fatherland"; author of 40+ exhibitions (Russia, Georgia, Finland, Germany, USA, Japan); works are placed in private collections around the world and in the collections of the Ministry of Culture of Russia; maintains a Facebook account for complex people with 3,000 subscribers from all over the world; 2018

I really like to learn, and I learned a lot from you. Our Art association "The Path" has now won a Presidential grant to promote young artists of Bashkiria. And communicating with you in Moscow, I structured all my thoughts about the future and understood how to move creative projects into the world. I was shocked by the simplicity of the idea of listing important companies in our republic who would be interested in promoting their brand in the republic, the CIS and the world with the help of our Creative Association. In general, you have generated so many ideas that I still need to think about them, give time to my plans to rest in a new context. But I had a 100% sense of perspective. I understood how to show my region to the whole world as an example of interethnic and interfaith community, how to attract the diaspora to the development of the republic, how to make creative people ambassadors of the brand. And your idea of representing Bashkortostan in our projects as “European Asia” has integrated everything, thanks!
Victoria Samarina, chairman of the Creative Association of Artists of Contemporary Art “The Path” (Bashkiria), member of the Russian Association of Art Critics, curator of the project “China through the eyes of Russian artists” and the Bashkir art contest “My Small Motherland”; her works placed in collections of Russia, Serbia, France, Germany, Israel and China, winner of the art symposium “Industrial Park of Oil Painting” (Shanyou. China, 2018); participant of the workshop by Natalia Garber “Genius of the 21st Century: a success scenario for a true artist” at the Russian Art Week 2019

Natalia Garber is a versatile person - a poet, writer, artist, author of many articles and methods of creative teaching, curator and lecturer of various projects and symposia, who has diplomas from European institutions in her arsenal. In general, her personality is extraordinary, active and striving for creative transformation of herself and the world around. Here I will focus on the art hypostases of Natalia's activiry. She has been working in the genre of drawing, watercolors and mixed techniques since the 1980s, and I can distinguish two types of creative thinking in her work. The first comes from the European tradition, with its interpretation of form and space, as well as the transmission of planes of being. The second follows from Natalia's serious passion for Eastern painting of meanings (se-i), mainly in the genres of natural landscapes with flowers, birds and animals. Presenting both types in digital formats, Natalia combines her painting with calligraphy, poetry and short prose, playing with the five primary elements - wood, fire, earth, water and metal. Deeply studying different cultures, Natalia Garber introduces their creative potential into the everyday life of the modern world and uniquely transforms global experiences into her graphics, painting and digital art. Her style of creativity heloes to open up the deep potential of the audience in realization of the  the harmony and beauty of human and Planet nature.
Leonid Feodor, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Head of the Art Synthesis Section "Tetra-Art" of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, Academician of the Russian Academy of Folk Art, laureate of the Pushkin Medal "Enlightener of Enlightenment" 2016, winner of the Gold Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts 2018 and the Russian Book Art Prize 2018, head of the Museum of Russian Culture and art project of cultural cooperation "Most"; 2020