Artist speech&diptych for the online show “I HeART 2022" (USA)

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I was a speaker on the opening ceremony and participant of the 2nd Annual “I HeArt Connections” Virtual Community Art Show of the Art Therapy Institute (USA, Carrboro, February 11, 2022). This Institute ( is aimed to advance the well-being and mental health of diverse communities through accessible, strengths-based, culturally-responsive art therapy, education, and research. The 3D web exhibition 2022 was gathered to explore the creative power of heart connection and elevate artistic voices from members of the international ATI community. I participated with Dyptich "Two bridges of pandemic" and the following text: "During pandemic I was my own self-therapist, because I passed exams of the 14-module course "Discovering Buddhism" for a year since spring 2020. I started to do paintings of meanings at that time spontaneously, and this artwork helped me during hard times of soul cleaning in pandemic. The experience was painful as I worked with the feeling of disconnection with my frozen heart. And after a year of meditations and painting I moved from the feeling of fearfully& painfully staying on an unreliable bridge to a calm feeling of a builder of the royal bridge to new life".
The Art Therapy Institute's 3D Web exhibition “I HeArt Connections 2022” presenting artists and art therapists from 20 countries can be seen by public here since february 11 till march 10, 2022 https://artspaces.kun…onnections
The opening show was really nice and contained about 12 artists 5-10 minute speeches on their creative healing processes and results, gained in different parts of the pandemic Planet in 2020-2022. Details about the opening show are here…hdz8cUVQXg

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