Biosphere Embassy

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I create the AI art embassy of the biosphere to manage the Planet for the benefit of all living beings - and invite you to review and follow me @ HUG to care about the Planet together. The first image of my art of sustainable development will be presented @ Web3 exhibition Chromaflora: A Hybrid Art Exhibition blending Nature & Technology on December 11-17 in Lisbon, Portugal.

The great Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky sayed in 1940th, that as the humankind became a geo-changing force, so our main task is to manage the biosphere sustainably, according to its natural laws and our technological abilities. Since then we continued to destroy Earth by overconsumption and confrontation. UN conference on climate change "COP28" confirmed this trend once more in Dec 2023.

As we suffer from what we produce ourselves, I create the embassy of the biosphere - both virtual & real - to manage the Planet for the benefit of all living beings. Today we receive the consequences of biosphere's trauma, which we created, in the form of natural disasters and our intraspecific conflicts. I propose to create a virtual and real global system of representative offices of the biosphere, similar to embassies of countries.

For those homo, who are really sapience, it is time to represent the interests of the Planet and all its living beings in the face of human selfishness and ignorance. The best that a human and humanity can do is to realize the beauty and magic of the unity of all lives and nature on Earth - and learn to develop this system according to the laws of the starry sky above us and the moral law within us.

Do you agree? Then let's create the embassy of biosphere together. If you care, review & follow me on HUG to care about Earth together!…lia-Garber

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