Ivanovich Kantsurov

Russia • 1934−2012
Born on the Don in a Cossack family. He served in the Navy, worked as a bricklayer at construction sites, lived in dormitories, in recent years in Moscow, in a house for pensioners. She has been engaged in painting since 1979, while simultaneously receiving consultations at ZNUI. Since 1982, his work has been exhibited at national exhibitions. He writes poetry, often including them in his paintings. In his ornamental and decorative compositions, Kantsurov affirms the planar organization of space and distances himself from concrete graphic forms, conveying his fundamental ideas about the world.

(Source: Virtual Museum of the Russian Primitive)

Two years ago, our grandfather settled in. His name is Kantsurov Alexey Ivanovich, he is a distant relative of my husband. His health condition worsened, memory began to fail, and the neighbors from the hostel, where the pensioner lived most of his life, called the only number: “Trouble with grandfather, save!” There were no other relatives left.

We had no choice - in such conditions in which the inhabitants of this ill-fated home lived, it is difficult to live even for a healthy person, and it is completely impossible for a lonely pensioner, a disabled person of the second group.

When my husband brought his grandfather home, I saw him for the second time in my life. Mom said briefly and succinctly: “Disaster!”, And we began to learn to live together.

The beginning of our life together in one apartment was not easy. My grandfather could not remember my name, even wondered why I often change names. He was regularly lost in our apartment - don’t think that it is so big! We settled him in a free room, by an unfortunate coincidence of circumstances, the most remote from the kitchen and bathroom. At night, I trembled from cautious crouching steps making my way to the benefits of civilization grandfather.

In addition, the pensioner had difficulty coping with everyday things. After three unsuccessful attempts to put on the donated sweater, I had to urgently go to the rescue. Immediately useful skills for caring for a child.

In addition, it was difficult for me, a young Muscovite, to perceive the old man’s bizarre speech. In response to my misunderstanding, my grandfather only sighed: “We lack comprehension!” The husband, who proclaimed himself a “grandfather” father, assumed the responsibility of bathing and washing. He takes his grandfather to a clinic in another district of Moscow. By the way, unlike ordinary mortals, people with disabilities cannot use the services of several clinics because of bureaucratic delays associated with the preferential distribution of drugs for the weak citizens of the country. And on top of all the misfortunes, the pensioner had a difficult choice - to visit a clinic located nearby, or to get to a distant, but already dear, where all the doctors are familiar and will be better able to understand their regular patient.

* * *

A few days later Alexei Ivanovich asked for paper and pencils. “When I work, the pain goes away,” he says. From childhood, my grandfather dreamed of becoming an artist. But ahead of him were waiting for war, service in the navy, moving from native Don steppes to Moscow, where he got a job as a bricklayer for registration, and later - work as a postman in the district department. He spent most of his life in an undeveloped dormitory. Once at the festive table, grandfather showed his documents.

What is there not only: starting from a military soldier and labor and ending with numerous diplomas. But most of all he is proud of several certificates of completion of various courses at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Extramural People's University of the Arts. Already retired, Alexei Ivanovich began to spend most of his time drawing. In the room, he set up a home-made work table, specially designed by him taking into account his damaged back. He began to engage in painting since 1979, and soon he entered into a union uniting the creators of naive art, with the saying “Cricket”. I was able to see many of his works in catalogs issued by the union and exhibition organizers, as well as on the Internet. The paintings are very bright and rich in intricate ornaments - objects of nature. Grandfather says that he draws them from memory.

As it turned out, his work has been repeatedly exhibited, including at international exhibitions, and he has repeatedly become the hero of publications in the press. After receiving the “group”, Aleksey Ivanovich hosted a personal exhibition dedicated to the 65th anniversary in the People’s Gallery hall, and a film crew from Canada visited his room in the hostel. Grandfather still keeps the overseas guests - long-overdue medicines ...

I wanted to help him restore his creative work. Initially, there were difficulties with the materials. Full bewilderment caused a certain "hardboard, which can be found at a construction site." It turned out to be an original idea to replace oil paints with pastel, and canvas with colored paper. This greatly simplified the issue with the organization of the workplace, because the oil is easily soiled and the solvent has a pungent odor.

“Hello, my cheerful morning! ..” - writes Alexei Ivanovich in a pencil sketch in uneven letters on the lines of his poem. After all, he is also a poet with us ...

* * *

The old man really wants to be useful to the family. For a long time we could not find application. After long experiments, it turned out that the grandfather peels potatoes perfectly: the skin is thin and not a single eye! “I cleaned her three wagons in the fleet,” he explains.

The new tenant threw us not only problems, but also reasons for fun. For example, he seriously calls the kitchen “a small restaurant”. And the funniest incident happened about a year ago: the grandfather took the nozzle from the vacuum cleaner forgotten in his room for a weapon, and the password for accessing the Internet recorded on a piece of paper - for secret encryption. The discovered evidence was hidden by an alert pensioner from prying eyes under a blanket - just in case ...

Grandfather alone doesn’t go out into the street - he’s afraid, and when we cross the road, his hand very childishly and firmly clings to my hand. The pensioner recalls with horror the case when he was dizzy on the road, and he did not manage to complete the transition to green. He nearly fell, and a driver popped out of the car, which had already opened the passage, not to help, but to cover the old man with obscene material.

The reaction of animals to Alexei Ivanovich is amazing. No matter where he is, whether we are visiting or visiting, cats and dogs, even the most cowardly and wild, become grandfather “tails” and relentlessly follow him. As if they understand: this one will not offend.

Care for grandfather lay even on the smallest member of our family. The daughter takes the old man by the hand to his room, when he is lost in the “huge” treshka, and does not forget to bring the most stable stool for his grandfather before calling him for breakfast or lunch. At the beginning, it was not at all easy for a three-year-old girl to realize that she would have to take care of such a large uncle, because before everything was the other way around: all the attention and care of her elders was directed to her. It is not easy to explain to the baby that such a helpless person needs attention, care and, most importantly, respect. Only a constant personal example can change the mind of a child. I note that the child coped with this task perfectly. “Grandfather confuses everything forever,” she remarks with a smile, if the grandfather turns in the wrong direction and takes the old man by the hand. In turn, the grandfather also taught his daughter a very good lesson - it was he who, by personal example, taught her to thank for everything.

... How many old people are left alone with their problems, illnesses and worries! How to make sure that they do not feel abandoned and lonely in society? Speaking of people with disabilities, we imagine a person in a wheelchair or in opaque glasses. We forget that any elderly person can turn out to be disabled with a whole heap (in addition to ailments) of housing and social problems. Even people who do not have a “group” gain more and more limitations in their capabilities with age. Including the ability to communicate on an equal footing. "


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