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Викторовна Грищенко

born in 1975
KSENIA GRISCHENKO  was born in Taganrog (Russia) in 1975. Since childhood she was keen on art, but the chance to fulfil her passion came only years later. In 2004 Ksenia successfully graduated from the Moscow School of Art and Design which pushed her towards further creative development.
The first samples were just initial attempts in finding her personal style. With no classical art education Ksenia began making copies of the acknowledged artists’ masterpieces. As a result, these paintings were displayed at 2 personal exhibitions in 2015 and 2017. The need to improve her skills and competence drove Ksenia to taking up private lessons from some experienced artists who worked in different styles – classical art and impressionism. Thanks to the guidance from Marina Gavrilenko and Olga Dushechkina Ksenia’s new paintings were born, thus forming and highlighting the third exhibition MyCubaMy in autumn 2019.
MyCubaMy exhibition was the main attraction of the GARTALLERY opening - a new art space in the heart of Moscow where classic art and high technology meet. GARTALLERY has now become a home studio for the young and talented artist Ksenia.
In the years 2018-219 Ksenia’s attention is drawn to the works of the acknowledged Soviet artist Serhiy Otroshchenko. She is thinking about hosting a unique exposition “New Life of the Old Paintings” where the works of the master are reflected in Ksenia’s copies, conveying her own perception.
Ksenia Grischenko has been married for 25 years and is a mother to 5 children. Household chores do not always allow her to pursue all her professional goals, however, the family are always supportive of their wife and mother’s passion. The young artist is still in search of her personal style.


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