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Alekseevna Gudkova

Born in the Siberian part of Russia, the city of Omsk. I was born in 2000. The acquaintance to shades of colors began with hospital wards when I was 5 years old. All my childhood and adolescence spent in 4 walls and long corridors allowed me not to understand the usual views of society on certain rules and terms.
My work traces a child's play of imagination, but with adult thoughts and societal problems.

Has the man thought about "Pure Thought"?

My only friend asked: "what is this?"
Pure thought - clarity of words, without a sense of the rules of society,
without personal analysis,
without good and evil,
without God.
It's a total takeover
of everything in front and behind.
This is an absorption of the present.
Through the colors, introduce the story
About predictions,
on the course of the election and its variables

About Chaos and About Shades

People are chess pieces
The soul is milk
The body is a bruise
The mind is a cage

I work with materials:

oil pastels, colored paper, ink, painting oil, foam plastic, fabric, household and construction materials (wires, nails, mirrors, glass), clay.
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