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Larissa Stadler
Stadler Larissa Solomonovna - Doctor of Psychological Sciences.
- Head of the Center of Positive Psychology "ELTURION".
- Founder of the Mind Brain Institute.
- President of the International Congress of the Commonwealth of the Peoples of the World.
- The head of the Confederacy of Women.
- Head of the Commonwealth-Siberia-Israel Center.
- Head of the Association of Scientists, Culture and Education.

- Author of New Directions: - in psychology ELTURION (אל תו רעיון from Hebrew literally: God, sign, thought, idea) in art "NEWARTWAY" - more than 1000 paintings created by her.
- He is the author of several studies, articles, research papers, monograms, and books.
Organizer of International scientific conferences, forums and seminars. She has created a number of productive methods of individual and group psychological trainings, master classes based on classical and alternative psychology.
- She created a program of intensive course on studying Russian language, approved by the International Association of Scientists, Culture and Education, which was presented at the International Conference "On overcoming the language barrier and formation of educational process in the family with the preservation of culture and Russian language in the countries abroad" in Berlin.
- L. Stadler conducted more than 1000 seminars, courses, workshops, master classes in Europe: England, France, Germany, Belgium and others. In Russia, and CIS countries dedicated:
- Building leadership skills in politics and business
- aesthetic and cultural education in families, schools and schools
- Development of personal growth in politics, business.

Dr. Larissa Stadler Created a number of courses and trainings:
Self-improvement courses:
"The secrets and secrets of consciousness, for transforming one's inner resources into sources of power to achieve one's goals."
Personal Growth Training: "The Wisdom of Flying Eternity"
Training: "acquiring behavioral skills of self-confidence and forming the foundations of personal growth in life and business".

"Political leadership and achieving results in parliamentary and municipal elections"
"Formation of leadership abilities in youth"
"Shaping leadership skills to develop a successful business"
Courses for women
"The Secrets of Positive Energy Origins for Acquiring Women's Health, Youth, Beauty and Success"
"Directing family life, how to become a happy family"
"Laws of the Universe-Laws of Living Space for Success in Life, Business and Politics"
"How to keep healthy, young and beautiful" and others.
Parenting courses:
"How to Create Peaceful Family Relationships."
"How to Raise a Successful Child"
"How to build leadership skills, perseverance to achieve a goal in children".

Developed a number of workshops :
personal growth - self-confidence - elimination of fears
development of new qualities - organizing and increasing the business potential of creating an attractive personality.
Created, developed and implemented in the regions of Russia and European countries, with positive results "school of political leadership."

International popular science journals published articles by L. Stadler:
- "Science and Life" No. 5 1992 " The philosophical heritage of psychology",
- "The Wisdom of Flying Eternity" "Russkoye Slovo" № 2 2005;
- "Beginnings" No. 3 2004" The Power of Women or the Mysteries of Family Life."
- "Thought" No. 4 2006 "Changes in the psychology and culture of the individual in Israel during the period of repatriation and integration into Israeli society";
- "Russkoe Slovo" № 4 2005 "A whiff of eternity"
- Series of articles from 2004-2019 "The Origins of Psychology through the Historical Legacy of Philosophy from the Orient and Beyond;

Released books:
* "The Eight White Tents," Genghis Khan's philosophical legacy.
* "Not to be deceived in people", the historical origin of psychology through the origins of Eastern philosophy.
* "The Wisdom of Flying Eternity" on the philosophy of Lao Tzu
* "Secrets and Secrets of Youth and Beauty."
* "You are me, and I am...?" the mysteries and secrets of the brain's thinking activity
* "The origins of the art of being polite, the laws of aesthetics and ethics".
* "Psychology in the Sources of Medieval Philosophy."
* The book "The Secret of MAGENDAVID or 108 laws of forming a successful and happy personality" is being prepared for re-publication of the 2005 issue.

In 1985, L.Stadler, a lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology, Institute for Advanced Teacher Training, created the Center for Positive Psychology "E.L.R.I.S" as a center for rehabilitation of disabled people, adaptation of Afghan warriors. Later, as a center for counseling parents and the formation of a healthy and prosperous family. In Israel, E.L.R.I.S. was formed as a help for adaptation of children and parents in Israel, organizer of training centers in the cities of Israel, later it was formed as the Center of Positive Psychology "ELTURION"

Based on research and workshops, the course "Self-Realization or Personal Growth Formation" was formed, which is based on the research of brain thinking and the transformation of self-development abilities.

" ... more than 100 billion neurons are the vast resources a person forms in their consciousness. Learn to use your consciousness to solve problems, achieve goals, advance in life. Being healthy, prosperous, happy and lucky is all in our consciousness, so by learning the thinking resources of our brain, we will be able to utilize them properly to develop transformational personal growth and create a successful life."
From a presentation by L. Stadler at the Psychology Research Conference in Berlin on May 10, 2011.

Awards: 1979 member of STD, 1981 Honored Art Worker of the RSFSR.
Medals: "Folk Art" 1985,
- Uzbekistan "In honor of Independence Day", 1992
- GLOBAL WORLD Silver Medal 2007.
- Gold Medal. "GLOBAL WORLD" 2017. For research on personal growth in business, through the development of leadership abilities. Austria. Vienna
- Medal of Merit 2009.
- Commemorative medal of the Economic Academy of Sciences of Russia, for research "History of the Jews of Siberia and the Far East in the 1st World War" 2015. Moscow
Order "Honor and Courage" 2016. UNESCO St. Petersburg Office

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