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Slava Volk - (singer) biography

The musical direction is an extremely ambiguous occupation. With each passing day, more and more music performers declare themselves and gain unprecedented popularity, overtaking even the most famous stars today. Someone used to make music before, just got a chance to become even better and express themselves to a new audience.

This is exactly what happened with the Glory of the Wolf - the most unusual and charismatic young man who will not stop one of his viewers indifferent. For more than 6 years he has been performing on stage and amazes fans with his wonderful acting and vocal performance. His songs are always full of vital energy and they take their breath away, making one involuntarily wonder how beautifully he does it.

Well, for those who hear about the artist for the first time, then we will tell you a few facts from his biography, and also recall the cost of tickets and the program of the event.

First of all, it is worth saying that the performer is not only a musician, but also, to some extent, a comedian and a parodist. He really loves during his performance to parade various stars or even perform their own songs, simply exposing them in his own way. Slava’s humor is more than suitable, although he has already managed to get an age mark of “18+”.

The beginning of the career of the Glory of the Wolf began back in 2014, when he was noticed by "large people" from show business and he received the only and unique chance to become popular throughout Russia. As you understand, the chance was used!

Born on July 19, 2000 in Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk region. The singer and parodist, who became widely known under the pseudonym Slava Volk, was born July 19, 2000 in a family that was not related to show business. Father is a builder. Mother is an economist. According to the artist, his vocal talent was transmitted to him from birth, he still loved to sing songs and reconcile the image of the artist at school during the holidays as a child.

It is difficult to say that already in childhood it was clear who the boy would grow up. His parents were far from creative: dad is a builder, and mom is an economist.
From an early age, the boy was involved in sports, most of all he was attracted to cooking. At school, Slava Volk was not among the best students, but everything suddenly changed after karaoke appeared in the life of the future star. The guy devoted all his free time to learning and performing domestic and foreign hits.


In his family they were not creative natures: The guy sang in the church choir, when he realized that music is his status, he decided to engage in singing on his own. Only father and mother were far from creativity. My father worked as a builder, his mother was an economist but in his family there were people of different backgrounds and views on life. Free time Slava likes to spend alone, where he is engaged in sports and music. The singer admits that he loves gardening very much: he loves to plant plants, he says it helps a lot to cope with stress.
In childhood, he suffered from mental retardation, i.e. a violation of the ability to master reading and writing skills and solving problems is inherent or acquired during the development period, or while maintaining the general ability to learn. This greatly affected his school performance. “In those years, no one came across this problem. It was difficult for me to read, to read, I could not remember and retell what I read, letters, syllables, words changed, and I could not concentrate. There are certain letters in reading: “m”, “l”, “p”, “k”, which you cannot even pronounce while reading. Then I thought that I couldn’t do anything in this life and was terribly worried about this, ”he admitted. From an early age he demonstrated musical talents, sang well. True, in childhood and youth I did not think about a professional career on stage.
He was fond of sports, having high growth, showed good results in losing weight, because in adolescence 12-14, as he himself admits, he weighed 68-70 kg.


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