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Alexandrovich Rybakov

born in 1959 • artist
Director of ANO "KhMS" Nuance ", Rybakov Anatoly Alexandrovich, born in 1959, education
secondary special, graphic designer. He taught drawing and drawing at school, was engaged in the design of visual agitation, shop windows, stained glass windows, smalt mosaics, interiors of cafes and restaurants ... He made carved wooden and ice figures, towns.
Carries out engraving on stone and glass, artistic portraits to order (“dry brush”, oil, pastel, graphic ...). Artistic portraits are made to order via the Internet and post offices in Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Spain ... In December 2019, he successfully implemented the exhibition project "Gallery of Outstanding Theater Figures of the Omsk Region" proposed by the Ministry of Culture of the Omsk Region as part of the Year of Theater in Russia. illuminated by the TV channel "Antenna 7" and the Internet portal "Culture" of the Ministry of Culture of the Omsk region.
By order of the administration and the local history museum of the Cherlak region, an art portrait exhibition “Significant people of the Cherlak land” is being prepared for the 300th anniversary of Cherlak.
In the executive process, portraits for the exhibitions: "Leadership of the Omsk Region", "Heads of HC" Avangard "," Sports Stars of the Omsk Region "..., including such as gymnast Galima Shugurova, boxers Tishchenko and Shlemenko ...
Popularization of significant people of the Omsk region is the main profile of creating an art studio-studio "Nuance", and the love and patriotic education of the younger generation for their native city through artistic expression in different ways is the main task of the studio.
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