Italia • 1842−1931

Biography and information

Giovanni Boldini (Italian) was one of the best portrait painters of the late XIXth — early XXth century.

Born in Ferrara, 31 December 1842, Giovanni Boldini was the son of the artist. He studied in the Florence Academy of art, from 1869 he had been working in London, where he gained his fame as a portraitist. In 1872 he settled in Paris and began to exhibit his work at the Salon. He was friends with Edgar Degas, John Sargent. He left portraits of many prominent figures of the Belle Epoque, being one of the most famous and well-paid portraitists of his time. Boldini won the Grand Prix at the World Exhibitions in Paris in 1889 and 1900. The artist died in Paris on 12 January 1931.