Borisovna Tanelwitz

Victoria Tanelvits - artist, laureate of All-Russian and International competitions: "To Your Name" (Moscow, 2000), "Moscow - London" (2003), "Contemporary Art of Russia" (Moscow, 2006), "Talent and Calling" (Moscow, 2009 ). She was awarded the United Nations' Commendation (2006), the UNESCO World Organization Award (2013) and the Russian President's Office of Commendation (2010, 2014). Until 2018, she was known as Victoria Kirilenko for the projects "The Way to Jerusalem", "Letter to the President", which she carried out in collaboration with her husband.
Victoria's personal exhibitions were held in the largest centers of world culture: Paris, London, New York, Washington, Vienna, Rome, Madrid, Buenos Aires and many other cities of the world, including at the UN anniversary celebrations on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of UNIDO and at solemn reception of the President of the Russian Federation for high-ranking guests on the occasion of the opening of the Olympic Games in Sochi. For many years she has participated in cultural programs of Rossotrudnichestvo under the Russian Foreign Ministry and in UN events.
Now a new, more conscious vector has appeared in Victoria's work and life, which encourages her to remain true to her attitude and her style, which she herself defines as a drama bordering on comedy and approaching the grotesque. This is a motley whimsical mosaic, in which sometimes nothing can be understood, but at the same time it is incredibly attractive. Her painting is a painting of contrasts and oxymorons. Reflections framed by irony. Victoria works in book graphics, illustration, painting and sculpture.
Familiar objects in her works take on bizarre forms and new amazing properties. Finding symbiotic connections (for example, between a person and a vessel), by which semantic condensation is achieved, the artist developed her own creative method, akin to Joyce's in literature. To understand it means to find the key to a whole layer of modern culture. “Between the delight of life and the horror of it,” - so, following Charles Baudelaire, the artist herself speaks about the nature of her inspiration.
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